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Football Manager 2023 will feature UEFA club competitions

The most famous club competitions are coming to the game

Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) recently announced that the renowned Football Manager 23 from Sports Interactive and SEGA will now include the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Europa Conference League, and UEFA Super Cup for the first time.

The UEFA Women’s Champions League, the premier women’s football club competition, is also covered by the licensing deal and will make its debut in a later version of Football Manager, even if it won’t appear in Football Manager 2023. The Football Manager social media outlets, the Football Manager website, and FMFC, the Football Manager members’ center will all announce new game features in the upcoming weeks.

Fans will notice that this year’s Football Manager 2023 for PC/Mac does not come with a CD. Instead, each box includes a special code that, when used, permits play on several other digital platforms.

Football Manager, FM 23, FM2023
Image via Sports Interactive

Additionally, the entire carbon footprint of Football Manager 2023’s packaging is 47% smaller than Football Manager 2022’s, thanks to the removal of the disc and notebook from this year’s edition and additional improvements to our eco-packing. Overall, the Football Manager packaging’s gCO2 equivalent decreased from 256 for Football Manager 2019 to just 66 for Football Manager 2023.

FM23 will release on November 8th

The 2023 version of the game, which will be launched on November 8th, brings fans closer to every facet of the wonderful sport game, from the crowds of spectators to the scouts, athletes, and managers of the opposition, as well as the newly licensed contests.

Additionally, the premier football management simulation franchise in the world debuts PlayStation 5 for the first time, bringing its depth and drama with it. Football Manager 2023 Console, optimized for the DualsenseTM controller, will be available alongside the PC/Mac version.

What are your thoughts on including UEFA club competitions in Football Manager 2023? Comment down below!

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