Facebook Metaverse vs Mircosoft Metaverse: The in-depth comaparison

Microsoft and Facebook (Meta) leading the metaverse industry!!

Facebook surprised everyone with its rebranding as Meta Platform or Meta. Just like Facebook, Microsoft is also among the leading metaverse technology companies in the market right now. Facebook and Microsoft both have similar visions for the metaverse. In this article, we have covered everything regarding the Facebook and Microsoft metaverses in detail.

What is the Metaverse

The Metaverse is a virtual world incorporating technologies such as virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and cryptocurrencies. It allows users to dive into an imaginative experience through virtual reality into the world of augmented reality.

Users can enter the metaverse via VR accessories, and virtual headsets, closing the gap between the physical world and the digital one. Users can play game games by accessing virtual reality. This is not only limited to games, but users can also go to work, or the doctor, watch concerts, etc without ever leaving their physical home.

fortnite, fortnite metaverse
Image via Epic Games

Just as virtual reality is required to bridge the gap between the metaverse and the real world, artificial intelligence can help with natural language processing that enables robots and machines to understand the users.

Many corporations are currently working on various aspects of the metaverse, Microsoft and Facebook (now Meta) currently are in the lead.

How brands enter the metaverse

The metaverse is an immense environment not limited to consumer-facing businesses. Metaverse provides a range of business applications such as teaching future surgeons to provide product demonstrations to collaborating with distant relatives.

Following are the steps to enter the metaverse:

Metaverse, how to enter the metaverse
Image via CoinTelegraph
  1. Discover target audience: Do some research on how to utilize VR and AR to fill the gap felt by the consumers in their experiences.
  2. Conduct competitor analysis: Keep an eye out for what the competitor is doing. Analyze how the products are different from one another and why a customer would choose your product above theirs.
  3. Product Research: Think about what can you test in the metaverse space to see if more sustainable products exist? Or how to enhance the customer experience via your product?
  4. Prepare for metaverse launch and maintain the equilibrium: Formulate a strategy using your research team on how and when your brand should emerge in the metaverse. Remember that profit is the return of bearing risk.

What is the Facebook Metaverse

Recently, Facebook shocked everyone with its rebranding as Meta Platforms or Meta. Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook, commented that the renaming was to signal that the company was branching out and was linked to more than one product.

facebook metaverse
Image via Meta

The rebranding was done following a different announcement where the team mentioned that the business aims to hire 10,000 people in the EU to construct the “Metaverse,” a move reminiscent of Google’s 2015 organizational restructure into Alphabet.

Facebook’s rebranding is set to focus on the emerging metaverse notion via technologies such as AR and VR. Facebook services currently include Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus, which will be included in Meta.

What is the Microsoft Metaverse

Mircosoft is among the leading companies currently working on metaverse technology. Microsoft has been investing in games for a long time via the XBOX. Earlier this year Microsoft announced that it will acquire Activision (the maker of video games such as Candy Crush and Call of Duty). The Microsoft-Activision deal shows that the future will be digital world reliant, people will spend a lot of time in the digital realm, and gaming will be at the heart of metaverse-powered virtual worlds.

Mircosoft Metaverse, Metaverse
Image via Microsoft

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, believes that if the metaverse is an immersive environment, gaming already offers users such an experience through titles like Minecraft (Microsoft-owned) and games-making studios such as Mojang.

In this deal, Mircosoft is set to receive immediate access to Activision’s 390 million monthly users and existing game titles. According to Newzoo, a research firm, the gaming industry is currently a $180 billion worldwide market. They also believe that Activision’s game titles will help Mircosoft compete against gaming services Meta’s Oculus and Sony’s PlayStation.

What is Mesh

Mesh is Microsoft’s platform that enables people to connect with a holographic presence, share across space, and collaborate from anywhere in the world. It helps enhance virtual meetings, conduct virtual design sessions, help others remotely, and host immersive virtual meet-ups to boost productivity.

Steps to participate in Mesh for teams are:

Mircosoft metaverse, Mesh platform, Steps to participate in mesh
Image via CoinTelegraph

Mircosoft also announced their own augmented reality headset and platform, Hololens, which is very impressive in itself. Manufacturing companies such as Daimler, BMW, and Ford benefit from the platform as it allows them to learn quickly, track, eliminate errors, and improve process quality.

Mircosoft aims to use its metaverse apps for multiple purposes such as business, education, training, and entertainment.

Differences between Microsoft and Facebook Metaverses

Mircosoft aims to go beyond considering the development of reports and records to allow collaboration on such documents. Meanwhile, Facebook aims to allow people to form connections. Both of these targets are extremely important but they are not without flaws of their own.

Mircosoft and Facebook both have a similar vision when it comes to the metaverse. But there are some differences, Microsoft’s sharper focus on work, and Facebook’s greater concern with internet-based social media relationships.

The virtual worlds of both these companies slant towards their own unique ability like:

  • Microsoft understands the enterprise aspect.
  • Meta understands the social element.

From an innovation perspective, Microsoft sees Teams as a blueprint for the metaverse, where businesses can create their own virtual places and hold a multiverse of realities together, whereas Meta/Facebook aims to control its own metaverse.

A few of the differences between the Mircosoft Metaverse and the Facebook Metaverse have been highlighted in the table below:

Comparison PointsMicrosoft’s MetaverseFacebook’s Metaverse
VisionTo connect the physical and digital worlds for a connected and shared experienceTo build Internet connections
ConceptMesh for TeamsHorizon Home
Point of innovationTo give the businesses the flexibility to create their own spacesTo develop own metaverse

There are many other companies currently fighting with each other in the field of Metaverse technology. Companies like Epic Games, Nike, AutoDesk, etc are also making some big moves in the metaverse industry. But Mircosoft and Facebook currently are in the lead.

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