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Why the Internet is deeming Polium One, the web3 exclusive console as hilarious

How a project crashed before even taking off

Overhyping a game isn’t uncommon when it comes to the whole NFTcrypto spiel. Now, we have the Polium One. A brand new console promising a lot and hyping up itself and some other games, but then turning into soulless grinds enticing people to spend their time and money to Play to Earn

The console was introduced exclusively for the Metaverse and NFT gaming

So let’s first answer the question of what Polium One is. It’s basically a gaming console that specifically is meant to cater to the whole Web 3.0 obsessed audience who wants to get into metaverse and crypto/NFT-based games. In a world where those things were doing well, it might actually be a decent idea.

Right now with everyone laughing on the face of crypto and NFT bros after the market crash, it’s not exactly the best product to put out. The ridicule started as soon as people noticed that the people behind the project had apparently copied the GameCube logo and it only got worse from there.

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Image via the Polium One

Now the Polium One is nowhere near a release right now although it promises a lot. It currently advertises 4k Ultra HD resolution at up to 120FPS (this was actually up to 8k HDR at 120FPS but changed not too long after the console was announced) along with ray tracing that would allow players to play games built on different blockchains.

And not to forget the now-infamous “Wallet Button” because it’s not about gaming, it’s about buying an NFT shirt for your character in a game that looks like it belongs to the early ages of flash gaming. From Kotaku, to Youtube videos, and even Reddit threads, the console has really just been ragged on and completely burnt to the ground. And honestly, this result was expected due to the aforementioned loss in interest and actual investments in the market.

From poorly made games to games that blatantly copy other titles, this console really has it all (or possibly in the near future, we could start using the past term if the designers realize just how this isn’t going to work out unless charts start showing an upward trend again). 

All the chaos led to the untimely and premature death of the console 

We’ve talked about how the current state of crypto and NFT-based gaming is a very problematic and disliked concept by actual gamers. Instead of focusing on the gameplay, the focus is on the blockchain and that is precisely why people do not play these video games! This didn’t take off because the focus isn’t games here.

It’s not promising titles from reputed developers that maybe had some decently balanced blockchain elements on the side. This was a half-baked concept. There’s not even a prototype ready to showcase the specs it boasts and the actual release is 2 years down the road (3 if you don’t want to pay to get this early) and that too, only if it is worked on further. 

What was your opinion on Polium One? Do you see any potential future in the next-gen NFT console? Let us know in the comments below!

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