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What to expect from HBO’s Succession Season 4

The high stakes drama continues in Spring of 2023

Succession is a critically acclaimed television show that centers around the wealthy and powerful Roy family, who own a global media conglomerate. The show, which first premiered in 2018, has garnered a dedicated fanbase and has been praised for its sharp writing, complex characters, and portrayal of the cutthroat world of high finance. Succession completed its third season earlier this year and fans across the world have been eagerly waiting for news about Season 4.

Spoiler Alert

This post contains heavy spoilers for the show. Only continue reading past this point if you have finished watching season three

The show’s creator Jesse Armstrong and other executive producers have been tight-lipped about what’s to come so little difficult to make predictions for the upcoming season. However, based on the events of the previous three seasons, there are a few things we can expect to see in Succession Season 4.

An easy prediction to make is that the power struggle within the Roy family will continue with each member vying for control of the family’s media empire. This tension has been a central theme of the show, and it’s unlikely to be resolved anytime soon.

We can also expect to see more backstabbing and scheming as the family members try to outmanoeuvre each other. The Roy’s are a ruthless bunch, and they will stop at nothing to get what they want.

It’s also likely that we’ll see more developments in the relationships between the various characters. In particular, the interesting dynamics between Shiv, Tom & Greg is sure to be a central plot point in the upcoming season.

More Greg moments

Characters like Greg have gone on to become fan favorites. His awkwardness has charmed the viewers and despite his inexperience, Grey displays an uncanny ability to survive the Roy family. It is quite likely that Greg will soon become a central character to the power struggle. Greg may not have the raw influence needed to be front and center, but his increasing confidence and careful diplomacy is likely to pay dividends. The fact that he has thrown in his dice with Tom who is set to be a close ally of Logan Roy is going to help him a lot.

Succession TV, Succession character Greg
Image via HBO

Talk about toxic relationships

Meanwhile, season three’s end saw Shiv smoldering in anger at Tom’s betrayal. It’s going to be interesting to see how their relationship continues now and our prediction is that Shiv will pretend that she has forgiven Tom or has let it go but will betray him severely at the end of season four. There’s even a possibility that the couple’s unborn child will also play an important dynamic in their marriage and their power struggle. Things are going to get dicey very soon!

TV Show Succession, Succession Shiv and Tom,
Image via HBO

New sharks in the water

Additionally, we may see the introduction of new characters who will shake things up within the family. The show has a history of introducing unexpected characters who have a significant impact on the story, so it’s possible that Season 4 will continue this trend. Lucas Mattson, the mysterious billionaire seems set to take a huge role in season 4 and whether he will end up playing a new villain for the Roy siblings to rally against remains to be seen.

Succession, Succession Lucas Mattson
Image via HBO

Kendall’s moment of weakness might cost him dearly

The final moments of season three also saw Kendal fessing up to his accidental murder of the young man during Shiv’s wedding and we feel there is a good chance that this confession is going to be used against him by either Shiv or Roman. Kendal always seems to get himself into bad situations.

Roman’s dynamic is also worth looking out for. He has become something of an underdog with each season (childhood reference intended) and there is a chance he might do something drastic to raise his position once more. What that could be, we don’t know yet, but we can’t wait to find out.

Succession, Succession siblings and Tom
Image via HBO

While all this has only been speculation, if there’s one prediction that you can be sure of, it’s that when Succession returns in the spring of 2023, we can expect even more power struggles, scheming, and relationship drama. Whatever happens, it’s sure to be an exciting season!

What are your thoughts on our Season 4 predictions for HBO’s Succession? Let us know in the comments below!

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