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Valve registers Neon Prime as a new trademark video game software

Valve's newest registration and the mysterious Citadel Project

Valve Corporation, the famous American developer giant, has just acquired a brand new trademark yesterday called NEON PRIME. It has given way to speculation about its latest release for the ever-growing gaming market.

Valve is one of the biggest names in the present world of online gaming, owing to their pioneering development behind names such as Half-Life, the game distributor platform Steam, and supporting the development of the global phenomenon Counter-Strike and therefore the amount of speculation surrounding their activities are not only understandable but justified.

Fans can expect a new game franchise from Valve

Of all the new possibilities, the most well-received is the possibility of a brand new game from Valve which would be their first game since the release of their flagship VR title Half-life: Alyx. Besides the VR installation of the beloved Half-Life series, Valve also released the Steam Deck, a portable console similar to that of the Nintendo Switch back in February of 2022.

A big portion of the people aware of this new trademark registration has associated it with Project Citadel, an undisclosed project of Valve that first came to light around 2019 and gained prominence in 2021.

According to many, Citadel is the code name for the much-awaited third game in the Half-Life series, Half-Life 3 which is often considered a myth. According to Tyler McVicker, a well-known valve news reporter, and leaker,  “Citadel’s internal development structure revolves around, at least partially, a grid-based map.

As stated by him, everything is just a speculation and this top-secret project is something about which only the very core members at Valve know. Thus, we can only grasp abstract guesses and try to figure out what this means as long as any official announcements are made.

valve company
Image via Valve

Like everybody, we are waiting for the big reveal as well to see what Valve has been up to all this time. The registration of this new trademark might mean that an announcement is just around the corner, as was the case when the registrations of the trademarks for Steam Deck and Half-Life: Alyx, both of which were announced within 3 days after the said registration took place.

Therefore, we can only hope for the new announcement to be that of a game that would go on to be yet another iconic title in the inventory of Valve Corporation.

What are your thoughts on Valve registering a new trademark called Neon Prime? Comment down below!

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