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USC: Counterforce: Angry Cat Studio’s tactical shooter will be featured in the TactiCon 2022

Fight alien invaders with your marines

An old-school tactical squad shooter called USC: Counterforce has been unveiled by Angry Cat Studios in collaboration with independent strategy game publisher Firesquid. At TactiCon, players will get their first chance to defend themselves from extraterrestrial invasion.

The successor to Ultimate Space Commando has procedural stages, intense tactical action, difficult encounters, and RPG-lite game systems that offer sophisticated character traits, talents, and inventory management. It was inspired by XCOM, Jagged Alliance, and Aliens.

Control a strike team of commandos through challenging missions

The game is set on the planetary body M-8322, where, players take control of a hardened attack force of commandos in suits and boots entrusted with locating and eliminating the last of an unknown extraterrestrial danger.

usc counter force gameplay
Image via Angry Cat Studios

Players must command their marines through incredibly difficult missions across many game modes while using a class-free skill system and a variety of weaponry and devices to combat the alien wave. The demo already demonstrates the finished game’s endless replayability and hours of original challenges.

With fully interactive, multi-layered destructible settings, players can make the most of their defensive or attacking positions by utilizing the arrangement of the terrain and buildings. The tactical options for attacking or fleeing from fighting positions are numerous when combined with environmental risks, constructible barricades, and demolishable walls. USC: Counterforce relies on its depth layers to produce a distinctive, evocative experience, with alien foes likewise capable of employing comparable strategies.

At this year’s TactiCon, the online celebration of distinctive strategy video games, a new demo will be made available. TactiCon, which was founded by Firesquid Games and Hooded Horse, will bring together fans of strategy games and showcase the smart and inventive brains behind their creation. Anyone interested in learning more about USC: Counterforce can add it to their wishlist right away on Steam.

What are your thoughts as the USC: Counterforce will be featured at the TactiCon 2022? Let us know in the comments!

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