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Tower of Fantasy: All Mirroria daily discovery locations

Discover all the locations in Mirroria

Tower of Fantasy Vera 2.0 update has added a lot of new mechanisms along with the cyberpunk city, Mirroria. Players can do a lot of things in this new city along with the daily discovering or mini-games that will reward the players will vera coins. In this article, we’ll list down all the daily discovery locations that the players can explore in the Vera region of Tower of Fantasy.

List of daily discovery locations in Mirroria city of Tower of Fantasy

There is a total of eight discovery locations all over Mirroria. Here is a list of all the delivery locations in Mirroria Area A and Mirroria Area C:

Mirroria Area A

At present, Mirroria Area A has a total of six delivery locations. All of the available delivery locations are as follows:

Asset Management Center

The first site is located immediately in front of the starting point as players enter the Asset Management Center. The first Mirroria fun zone will be unlocked after this.

mirroria asset management center, tower of fantasy
Image via Level Infinite

Players must climb up via the Asset Management Center to reach the next daily delivery point, which is far above. Players can locate the following place after ascending to the rooftop.

Mirafleur Hall

Just keep walking ahead as you enter Mirafleur Hall to find the next daily discovery site, which is located beneath the tree.

mirroria mirafleur hall
Image via Level Infinite

Players may simply obtain the fourth position next to Clark standing close to your Daily Discovery spot by jumping down from the previous Mirroria Funzone.

Oasis Club

To open the Mirroria Funzone, proceed to the area south of the Oasis Club and collect the next Daily Discovery location. The address is shown below.

tower of fantasy mirroria oasis club 1
Image via Level Infinite

To the west of the first site is where the Mirroria Area A’s final location may be located. Simply go quickly through the region to find the final position. A map is shown below.

tower of fantasy mirroria oasis club 2
Image via Level Infinite

Mirroria Area C

In Mirroria Area C, there are two daily discovery locations.

Hazardous Materials Lab

tower of fantasy mirroria hazardous materials lab
Image via Level Infinite

Locations for the 7th and 8th Daily Discovery are conveniently located. To reach their next location, players must enter the Hazardous Materials Lab and go south. Next, proceed westward until you reach Mirroria Area C’s westernmost section, where you will find your last Daily Discovery Location.

Could you find all the Mirroria daily delivery locations according to our guide? Lets us know by commenting down below!

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