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The Legend of Neverland tier list for choosing the best flower fairies

Find out all the best flower fairies

The Legend of Neverland is one of the recently launched MMORPGs. The game has gained a lot of fame worldwide even before its release. As the game is an MMORPG category, it has a lot of characters that have immense power and the best strategies as per their abilities. In this tier list, we will discuss and classify all the flower fairies in The Legend of Neverland according to their tier.

The Legend of Neverland flower fairy tier list

S (Overpowered)A (Good)B (Average)C (Weak)
Chestnut Rose 
Twin Lotus
Baloon Flower
Dew Rattan 
Corn Flower 
Crimson Vine
Sand Rattan 
Crimson Rattan

Best Meta heroes in The Legend of Neverland

Best tank class flower fairy in The Legend of Neverland


Tank-class flower fairies are best known for their ability to resist heavy direct damage. The tank-class flower fairies come up with the best physical strengths to bring down enemies with just their in-hand combat.

erythrina the legend of neverland
Image via GameArk Global

Erythrina is considered to be the best Tank class flower fairy in the entire game. The character uses the power of fire and manipulates it to thrash down enemies. The best part is, Erythrina increases its strength while coming up with crush damage which becomes a nightmare for the opponents.

Best supporter class flower fairy in The Legend of Neverland

Twin Lotus

Supporter Class flower fairies provide the best cover fire from behind and help the Tank-class flower fairies to fight with an advantage at the frontline. The support class flower fairies sometimes confuse the opponents and create room for the Tank and Pierce class flower fairies to make an entry.

twin lotus the legend of neverland
Image via GameArk Global

Twin Lotus is thus the best Support class flower fairy throughout the world of Neverland. The character poses the energy of the earth, converts it into a form of kinetic energy and creates a skill to attack enemies. The ability to manipulate the energy of earth helps these characters to deal with immense AOE attacks and can even create huge and effective damages in a small area.

Best pierce class flower fairy in The Legend of Neverland

Chestnut Rose

Pierce is just like a supporter of the entry Fragger. These flower fairies go along with the Tank class flower fairies and join up in the in-hand combats to take down the enemies. These flower fairies can even deal with great damage directly.

chestnut rose the legend of neverland
Image via GameArk Global

Chestnut Rose is the best Pierce-class flower fairy. The character dwells up well with the Tank class characters and provides the best support to them. They even sometimes confuse the opponent so that the Tank class flower fairies make an entry and thrash away the enemies. The rage skills take a lot of areas to create a huge amount of damage for the enemies but the best part is, they don’t trouble their own teammates.

Best damage dealer flower fairy in The Legend of Neverland


Damage Dealer class flower fairies are not that effective at the frontline. These flower fairies are best to control the crowd and thus create room for their own team to fight.

lycorisradiata the legend of neverland
Image via GameArk Global

Lycorisradiata is the best Damage Dealer class flower fairy that can use its holy power and can hallucinate the whole enemy crowd. The best part is her abilities only that can control the overall enemy crowd and keep them in a disadvantageous situation.

Best critical type flower fairy in The Legend of Neverland


Critical Class flower fairies are one of the best troops to use. These flower fairies are so valuable as they can be useful in both PVP and PVE.

iris the legend of neverland
Image via GameArk Global

Iris is the best Critical Type class flower fairy which can control water and come up with one of the best-combining attacks. The damage provided to the enemies with these attacks gets them thrashed away from the Warfield.

Hope this Legends of Neverland tier list will be useful to you. If you are starting new, make sure to check our beginners guide to get a headstart.

What are your thoughts on our tier list for The Legend of Neverland? Let us know in the comments below!

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