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The Crown of Wu is releasing on Console and PC this winter

Experience the classic chinese tale

The Crown of Wu, a third-person action-adventure game inspired by Journey to the West, a classic Chinese story about the Monkey King, Sun Wukong, will soon be launched on PC and consoles, according to renowned game publisher Meridiem Games. The Crown of Wu, a PC game created by Red Mountain, will debut this winter on Steam and in digital shops for consoles.

Battle to take back The Crown of Wu

The story of Wu, a half-human, half-monkey, is told in The Crown of Wu. Wu was formerly the emperor’s herald but developed disorderly behavior after using a crown that gave him exceptional abilities. It is as if the heart gets corrupted by wearing it. His misdeeds and atrocities eventually resulted in his capture and the terrible punishment of being frozen in a bio-static solution. Wu is able to escape his cage and finds a decadent world in ruin after spending dozens of years almost cognizant yet immobilized.

the crown of wu screenshot
Image via Meridiem Games

In addition, his crown has been taken and is being utilized to cause a vibration that would ultimately result in a massive explosion and extinction. In order to save the world and atone for his past wrongdoings and finally find peace, Wu must get back his stolen crown and assist people he once chastised.

Players can immerse themselves in a vast, both old and new land. The tale, which was developed to convey a fresh account of Sun’s transformation from anti-hero to hero, is based on Chinese mythology. Here, folklore and truth collide.

Use the power of nature in an innovative battle system

Players can use lightning, earth, fire, and air powers. They can use each of their powers to cooperate with the environment or fight their adversaries. Air, Fire, and Lightning are the three offensive and defense options for players. To vanquish foes and traverse perilous chasms, they can call upon their powers.

The battle system in The Crown of Wu is innovative and straightforward, and as players explore this dreadful realm to unravel the mystery of the stolen Crown, they are given progressively stronger abilities. In addition to solving challenging puzzles and overcoming progressively difficult challenges as they go through the levels, players can jump, run, and parkour their way through this new universe.

The Crown of Wu is now available as a demo in Steam

Although The Crown of Wu will launch digitally for PC and consoles this winter, a Steam demo is already available for those who are willing to try out the game now. Interested players can now add the game to their wishlist at PlayStation Store and Steam.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming game The Crown of Wu? Let us know in the comments below!

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