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Primitive Era 10000 BC guide: Best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners

Build your own ancient town

Primitive Era 10000 BC is a strategy video game that gives players the opportunity to establish their civilization from the bottom up in a territory that would otherwise be uninhabited. The game has unique assemblages of elements and paths, which add to the overall rise in the amount of interest provided by the game. The game comes with a variety of one-of-a-kind elements, all designed to encourage players to think of additional tactics and develop imaginative ways to grow their villages. Every town also comes equipped with soldiers and barracks, which the player may use to defend their own base, assault other players’ bases, and stake their claim to resources such as food, wood logs, and water. In this article, we will provide a beginner’s guide for the Primitive Era 10000 BC with the best tips, tricks, and strategies for the game.

Build your own ancient town in Primitive Era 10000 BC

Primitive Era 10000 BC is a strategy game in which players are given the opportunity to build their very own community from the ground up. For players to effectively defend their villages, much consideration and planning must go into constructing new structures and positioning existing ones.

primitive era 1000 bc screenshot
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Every town also has its own set of residents, and to ensure that those villagers have enough food to sustain themselves, players need to construct farms. Following the completion of a certain number of narrative missions, the player will be promoted to a new period, providing access to a greater geographical region and more construction options.

The game has a number of intriguing elements, and the greatest thing is that each element comes along with the construction as well, which enables the player to plan out their moves strategically and construct one of the most beautiful towns possible. In addition, there are barracks, soldiers, and Heroes included in the game. These characters serve as the primary guardians of the community.

Primitive Era 10000 BC: Characters

Players get access to a large cast of playable characters during the course of the game. Primitive Era 10000 BC has various support options for its players, including infantry, archers, and heroes. Many sets of Archers and Infantry are available, each of which may be unlocked after a particular level of City Hall has been achieved. These are, for the most part, the auxiliary and frontline fighters, and their purpose is to assist the Heroes as they fight against other characters.

Heroes are regarded as the most important defenders of the town, and they are separated into a number of classes and tiers to make it easier for players to understand how to use them. The Heroes can be divided into three categories:

  1. Legendary 
  2. Epic
  3. Stellar
  4. Ace

How to upgrade heroes in Primitive Era 10000 BC

Follow these simple given steps to upgrade your heroes:

  1. Tap on the Hero option on the home screen of the game.
  2. Select the Hero you want to upgrade
  3. Tap on the Plus sign beside the Hero level bar.
  4. Select the number of Magic Potions you want to select and tap on the Use option.
primitive era 10000 bc infantry upgrade
Image via 36 Mobile Games

Now, the Archers and Infantries follow the same steps but in different buildings. For Archers, players need to go to the Archery Range, and for Infantry, players have to go to Infantry Barracks. Follow the given steps to upgrade Archers and Infantries.

  1. Go to the respective building for the troop you want to upgrade.
  2. Select the Troop and tap on the Train option to start training them. 

Primitive Era 10000 BC: Important materials

Because Primitive Era 10000 BC is a strategy-based simulation game, buildings are one of the essential components in the game. This is the case with most games of this genre. Because the game is set in ancient times, the structures reflect the intricate workings of all the common processes during that era. This is because the game’s borders are based on ancient periods. When people started keeping things and making things, they needed various locations for each of these activities. As villagers, obtaining food, water, and clothes, as well as mining and development, were among the most vital components, just as they are in real life; hence, each sector has its unique collection of structures to serve its intended function.
The following is a list of the industries that are being monitored throughout the game:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Wood
  • Charcoal
  • Pelt
  • Stone
  • Development
  • Military
  • Gold
  • Custom
  • Villager
  • Beast
  • Ornament

Primitive Era 10000 BC: Introduction to resources and currencies


Food is one of the essential resources for a player to have at their disposal. Because this is a strategy-based simulation game, there are actual people in the game world who need food to ensure their continued existence; as a result, the resource in question is located here. It is not difficult to get in the game, and players may even cultivate it and earn it as a prize for achieving specific goals in the game.


Water is yet another essential component essential to the continued existence of the villagers, and as a result, players are obligated to ensure the continued availability of this resource.

Wood log

As a result of the fact that players require wood logs in order to create their villages, the resource wood log is an extremely valuable item to have around. As a result, players are required to stockpile an increasing number of wood logs in order to facilitate the straightforward progression of the construction.


Charcoal is a domestic good that is being manufactured with the goal of supplying locals with an item that they may use in their homes. The labourers also make use of charcoal for a variety of functions during the process.


Stone is another resource that is used in the building sites, and as a result, it is one of the essential resources that players are tasked with protecting.


The villagers store the pelt, which consists of the tanned skins of various animals and critters so that they might utilize them for their clothing needs in the future.


primitive era 10000 bc gold
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Gold is the in-game money that can be acquired very cheaply and is utilized in a variety of ways, including the construction of new buildings and the improvement of existing ones. Players have several opportunities to acquire them by successfully completing a variety of different sorts of tasks.


Rubies are the premium currency that is needed to complete the process of creating or upgrading architectures in a single instance. This may be done in a single transaction.

Primitive Era 10000 BC: Other in-game features


The area known as “Inventory” is where players may see all the stuff they currently own, including resources, speedups, buffs, and other goods. Players are responsible for keeping track of the goods they own and can employ objects straight from their inventories as necessary.


primitive era 10000 bc hero
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Heroes are the only ones who can protect the town, and as a result, players may use the checkout to sell any and all heroes they hold. They can also look at a list of other playable heroes in the game and learn specific information about each of them. The heroes are called with the assistance of several sets of scrolls stated above. The players acquire such scrolls by accomplishing the in-game objectives that they are being given to do in order to advance in the game.


A clan is the portion of the game where many players may congregate under one roof and provide mutual assistance. In this area, the players assist each other and the other members of the clan by providing them with assistance, different supplies, and soldiers as needed. There are also specific clan presents in which members are given a variety of objectives, and the only way for players to get prizes is if they successfully complete those missions.

Missions section

Within the mission sections, there are subsections labelled “Solo Missions,” “Daily Missions,” and “Main Mission.” Within this segment, the players will be tasked with completing a number of objectives that have been set for them. When players successfully complete the missions, they are rewarded with valuable items and resources that may be used in various ways, including levelling up their characters and constructing new buildings.

Best tips, tricks, and strategies for the beginners

  1. Players must construct increasing structures and storage spaces so that every villager can efficiently use the available resources. Upgrading the storage regularly is required for players to be able to keep additional goods for the villagers. The players’ primary attention should be on ensuring they have access to food and water since this is the most critical component.
  2. Players must acquire as many Heroes as they possibly can. Because heroes are the only ones who can protect the villages, constant recruiting allows the villages to acquire more strong heroes than they have ever had before. The players will have an easier time defending their town due to this.
  3. Players are required to finish all the many tasks they are being given, whether solo, daily or main; players are required to take all of the missions seriously and finish them to get valuable prizes and resources. If players put a little more of their attention on solo missions, they will be in a better position to go on to the next level of the game, which will be to their benefit.
  4. Players must keep additional materials such as stones, wood logs, pelts, and charcoal in their inventory. After locating food and water, they may discover the next most significant things in the game. After prioritizing the players’ ability to maintain their existence, the next priority should be to concentrate on the means by which they can maintain their survival.
  5. Players are also responsible for training their forces, including archers and infantry. Because they are the primary troop members that players may place with heroes to battle against other towns, players are required to improve them consistently.

What are your thoughts on our beginners guide for Primitive Era 10000 BC? Let us know in the comments below!

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