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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Medali Gym guide: List of Pokémon, how to beat Larry, and rewards

Beat the normal type leader

The Pokémon Company launched the latest 9th generation Pokémon game which is Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Like other Pokémon games, Scarlet and Violet also feature gym leaders, whom the players need to fight and win. Larry, the normal-type gym leader of Medali is going to be the fifth gym leader to face as a part of the walkthrough. Additionally, before battling with Larry, players must also complete the Medali gym test. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed guide about the Medali gym in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, its rewards, and also gym tests.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet gym test: Order the secret menu item

In the gym test, you will be in the Treasure Eatery. You have to order the special dish from here. But you have no idea about the special dish. So, you have to battle with trainers to get clues about the dish. After defeating them, they will hand over the clues about the dish around Medali. After you get it, head back to the Treasure Eatery again and order the secret dish.

Gym test steps

  • Speak to the Gym Staff to get your clue. You have to order the special dish in the Treasure Eatery restaurant. A total of four orders are there and you have to get clues about the special dish.
  • To get the clues, you have to battle with the trainers. After defeating them, they will provide you with clues about the secret dish.
  • Continue to gather clues about the secret dish by defeating the trainers around Medali.
  • After getting the clues, head back to the Treasure Eatery restaurant and order the special dish. Your challenge will be completed.

Tips to complete the Order the secret menu item challenge easily

1. About the secret order clue locations

This gym test requires you to gather clues from different trainers. So these are the secret order locations around Medali.

ClueLocationSecret Order Answer
Odd one out in the ice cream standIt is present on the northeast side of the restaurant  Grilled Rice Ball
Dark spot surrounded by stairsOn the west side of Medali At the amphitheaterFire Blast
Bluebird PokemonNear Artisan BakeryMedium
How regulars season their dishesAt the counter in the restaurantLemon
pokemon scarlet and violet medali gym test
Image via Game Freak

2. Trainer Locations

You have to battle with the trainers to get all the possible clues about the special dish. So here are the trainers you can find from.

Trainer 1Standing in front of the restaurant
Trainer 2Near the gym building
Trainer 3Near the sandwich and canned food shop

3. Skip Looking for Clues

If you don’t want to battle with the trainers, you can go to the restaurant and face the gym leader by ordering the special dish correctly. But in this process, you will not be earning the money and experience points you get from the battle with the trainers.

Larry’s Pokemons and Type

PokémonTypeSpecial Moves
Komala (Lv. 35)NormalYawn Sucker
Dudunsparce (Lv. 35)NormalGlare Drill Run
Hyper Drill
Staraptor (Lv. 36)Normal / FlyingFacade Aerial Ace

How to beat Larry in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

1. Level your Pokémon up to 36 or over

Larry’s Pokémon is in evolved forms so it is recommended to train and level up your Pokémon up to 36 or higher than that. Larry’s Pokémon uses some of the most powerful attacks. So, you might feel hard to withstand the attacks.

pokemon scarlet and violet medali gym leader larry
Image via Game Freak

2. Terastallize at the start of the battle

Players terastallize their Pokémon ahead of the battle. As Larry uses normal-type Pokémon, you can select fighting-type Pokémon for the battle. They have much stronger attacks and can highly damage his Pokémon.

Rewards after winning at the Medali Gym

The Pokémon you caught, of level 45 or above will not disobey your commands in the battle.   Pokémon of level 45 will be easier to catch

Best team composition to beat Larry in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

PokémonTypeRecommended Moves
Pawmot (Lv. 36)Electric / FightingSpark (learns at Lv. 23)
Nuzzle (learns at Lv. 12)
Bite (learns at Lv. 19)
Wild Charge (default move)
Quaquaval (Lv. 36)Water / FightingLow Sweep (learns at Lv. 17)
Aqua Step (upon evolving)
Aqua Cutter (learns at Lv. 21)
Aqua Jet (learns at Lv. 13)
Crabominable (Lv. 36)Ice / FightingRock Smash (default move)
Brick Break (learns at Lv. 22)
Avalanche (learns at Lv. 29)
Protect (default move)

What are your thoughts on our guide to beating Medali gym leader Larry in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? Let us know in the comments below!

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