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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guide: How to get Iron Treads

Know the ways to catch Iron treads

The Pokémon Company’s new line of games, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, has been released for quite a few days now and has brought to the fandom a hefty bunch of new Pokémons exclusive only to Scarlet and Violet. Both the games from the ninth generation video game series currently have more than 400 Pokémons divided into 32 distinct types in Paldea Region. Both Scarlet and Violet have separate exclusive Pokémons to them. One of the new Pokémons introduced to the games is the Iron Treads. Iron Treads is a Pokémon exclusive to Pokémon Violet only. In this article, we will discuss the ways to catch Iron Treads in Pokémon Violet.

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Pokémon Violet: Iron Treads stats

Iron Treads is a Dual-type Pokémon having Ground and Steel types. It is a paradox Pokémon exclusive only to Pokémon Violet. Iron Treads has the highest stat in Defense (120) and lowest in Special Defence (70). The abilities of Iron Treads are Quark Drive, Guard Dog, and hidden ability. It is better to have Easygoing nature with Iron Tread due to having the highest stat in Defense. Iron Treads are weak to Water, Fighting, Ground, and Fire-type Pokémons.

pokemon scarlet violet iron treads
Image via The Pokemon Company
  • HP: 90
  • Attack: 112
  • Defense:120
  • Special Attack: 72
  • Special Defense: 70
  • Speed: 106
  • Total: 570

How to get Iron Treads in Pokemon Violet

pokemon scarlet and violet map,area zero
Image via The Pokemon Company

At first, Players will have to go to the map and find Area Zero of the Great Paldean Crater. This area gets unlocked very late into the game, precisely after beating the three main story paths(defeating all 5 Titan bosses). Players will have to get inside the Great Crater through the Zero gate and then interact with the portal. Players will have to go down to Research Station 4 through the portal.

After going down into the cave, players will have to roam around and search for a bit and should eventually find the Pokemon Iron Treads, as it spawns the most down there. Then simply battle the pokemon to catch it with a Pokeball.

We hope this article will help you catch Iron Treads in Pokemon Violet. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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