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PlayStation London Studio is developing an unannounced online co-op combat game in a fantasy London setting

Sneak peek into PlayStaion London Studio's new and upcoming title!

In a fresh interview hosted by Sony Interactive Entertainment, abbreviated as SIE, it has come to light that the PlayStation London Studio is currently working on an online co-op game based on London where fantasy elements have been added to the landmark city of the United Kingdom. The said interview was hosted in the presence of London Studio heads Stuart Whyte and Tara Saunders where they talked about their experience creating games and an insight into their upcoming project, that is an unannounced online co-op combat game in a fantasy London setting.

The upcoming game by PlayStation London Studio is an ambitious project

What is hyping this game up even much apart from the fact that it is made by an experienced studio is the fact that Studio heads Stuart Whyte and Tara Saunders have stated that this untitled game is the studio’s most ambitious project to date.

The game is being developed for PlayStation 5 and it has been clarified that the game would not be a VR title like the last game by PlayStation London Studio. In the game’s fantasy take on the city of London, players will be able to take part in co-op action which is going to be the definitive feature of the game.

Playstation London Studio
Image via Playstation London Studio

The game will utilize the use of in house Soho engine for its development. The development process of the game is somehow similar to the development process of that of Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerrilla. According to the statements in the interview, surveys were hosted to find out which ideas the team was the most inclined to take up and what they were passionate about which is a vital step towards the development of the game.

Release date and supported platforms

There have been no such inklings as to when the game might be released. But as far as we can conclude from the interview with SIE, the game is in a ripe state of development, and if we are lucky enough we might just get more details soon enough. As for supported platforms, the game is going to be exclusively designed for consoles, specifically the PlayStation 5 as said by studio head Stuart Whyte.

Final thoughts

The game does sound pretty interesting given what we know of right now. The game’s futuristic take on London in fantastic manner is one of the reasons which makes it seem like fun, besides the game being the studio’s biggest project yet. Therefore, we will all wait with bated breath to find out how this game is going to be and how it is going to work out in the present gaming market.

Are you excited about the upcoming co-op action game by PlayStation London Studio? Let us know in the comments below!

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