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Naughty Dog’s upcoming game is to be structured ‘like a TV Show’

PlayStation gamers are in for an exciting new game

Naughty Dog has reportedly been working on their new game for some time, which recently has been confirmed by the studio’s higher-ups. Sony‘s one of the most trusted and successful studios ‘Naughty Dog’ has been producing grandeurs for the gaming scene. Their most popular titles, “Uncharted” or “The Last of Us,” has been the favourites of millions of gamers and have seen the better side of the critics. Their latest game, the remake of their 2013 game The Last Of Us, “The Last of Us Part I,” has been a fan favourite and has amassed many positive reviews. And now, after almost three years, the studio is coming up with a brand new game that is being developed in a whole new way different from their previous works.

The new game is going to be made in a collaborative manner like a TV Show

In a recent interview with “Naughty Dogs,” Co-president Neil Druckmann by The New Yorker, much light was shed on the upcoming ventures of the Studio. Although most of the interview was about the Upcoming TV Show based on The Last of Us, Druckmann dropped some good hints about their next new game and the Multiplayer version Of The last of Us that will be set in the same Universe.

the last of us part 1 gameplay
Image via Naughty Dog

Regarding the Studio’s new game, Druckmann said the manner the game will be structured is more like a TV show. They are also changing their usual ways for their new game quite a bit. Druckmann will not be working on the game’s script alone as he has been doing in the previous games; this time, the Studio is putting together a writers’ room.

The Studio is changing its usual methods for this game and is trying a new take to deliver fans unique content. Druckmann’s words about the game being made like a TV show made the fans speculate that the game would be made in episodes and pace like a TV show. Druckmann then took to Twitter to clear this out.

It is rumoured that the Studio will be diving into the world of the fantasy genre for the upcoming game. Whether this becomes true or not, it is sure the console gaming scene will be seeing a whole new kind of game from the Studio.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming game from Naughty Dog? Let us know in the comments!

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