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Marvel Snap guide: How to make the best deck

Best tips for building the best deck

One of the most recent Marvel games, Marvel Snap, attempts to explore the Cards genre while including a little bit of originality. The unusual set of rules that the game maintains for the players adds to its intrigue. Marvel Snap is a one-on-one card game where each player is given a deck of playing cards that may be customized and contains 12 cards. Players are given a fair 6 turns to advance their play and end the round. In this guide, we will give all the necessary tips to make the best deck in Marvel Snap. However, if you are still new to the game, make sure to check our beginner’s guide for Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap: cards and their classes

Marvel Snap is a card-based game, therefore the cards are crucial to the gameplay. The Marvel characters are shown in the game as Cards, and these Cards have special powers and abilities that will aid players when they play them from their deck. Each player is allowed to create four decks of their choosing, each of which has twelve cards that are shuffled before each game.

marvel snap cards
Image via Nuverse

The cost of the cards varies according to the turn number (1 through 6), with each player receiving the same number of points. In one of the three areas, players must play the cards. Players mostly utilize the points they have earned to play cards. Cards also reveal some ranks, which are as follows:

  1. Base 
  2. Uncommon 
  3. Rare 
  4. Epic
  5. Legendary 
  6. Ultra
  7. Infinity

With the aid of Credit tokens and hero boosters, the Cards are advanced to the next tier. Every hero has a few special Boosters that can only be utilized with that hero card. The Cards undergo a frame break at every upgrade, giving each tier a distinct aesthetic.

Marvel Snap: locations and abilities

Players in a match in Marvel Snap have access to three locations, each of which has a different set of skills. Players must use their Cards in these three areas, and they must score the most points in at least two of the three areas. Players can only succeed with this method. Even if the players draw, the game will still compute each player’s greatest point total, and that person will win the round.

marvel snap cards
Image via Nuverse

Every place has special qualities and capabilities. Some of them create enormous benefits for the players, while others just work against them. Each player must carefully consider their card plays after reading the locations’ abilities. The sites and their capabilities are listed below:

LechuguillaIf players play a card here, they get three rock cards into their deck
The Big HouseCards that cost 4,5 and 6 points cannot be played here
The HubThe game adds a random card in both the player’s hand
New YorkOn turn 6, players can move all the cards in this location
WestviewTurns into a new place at the 4th turn
Kamar TajOn reveal, the effects work twice at this location
The Super FlowIf players don’t have any cards in this location, they will get +1 energy each turn
JotunheimEach card played, loses power in this direction
The BifrostAfter turn 4, the game moves all cards in one direction right
Tinkerer’s WorkshopPlayers get an extra point in the round
SubterraneaShuffled 5 cards in both of the player’s deck
K’un LunWhen players move a card in this location, the card gets a +2 power
WakandaCards in this location cannot be destroyed
Fisk TowerWhen a card moves here, destroy it
Hell’s KitchenThe game draws a 1-cost card from the player’s decks
Nove RomaLets the players draw a card from their deck
ElysiumCards cost one point less than usual
Monster MetropolisCards with the highest power gets a +3 power
XandarCards in this location gain +1 point
NidavellirEvery card gets +5 power
SakaarThe game randomly plays a card from both the team to this location on reveal
LemuriaNo cards get revealed at the turn when the location gets revealed
SokoviaThe game discards a card from the player’s deck
TitanThe cards that cost 6 points, cost 1 point less
KylnPlayers cannot play any card after the 4th turn

How to build the best deck of cards in Marvel Snap

Making a strong deck of cards is the most important thing to do in Marvel Snap. Building a good deck depends on a lot of factors. The main factors that should be focused on more while creating a deck of cards are: 

  1. Take advantage of cards that will provide you with an edge, such as cards with higher strength or cards whose strength will rise under specific circumstances.
  2. Have more cards with modest costs that will develop powerful abilities, like Hawkeye, Antman, and StarLord.
marvel snap deck
Image via Nuverse

These considerations must be made by beginners while building a suitable deck of cards. If the rules are not followed, players may have difficulties while playing the game and may run out of crucial cards, which might lead to a loss.

Best Marvel Snap card decks for beginners

Here are a few of the best decks for beginners of Marvel Snap:

Deck 1

This deck will be best for players who still did not receive any new cards:

  1. Hawkeye 
  2. Quicksilver 
  3. Medusa 
  4. The Thing 
  5. Iron Man 
  6. Hulk 
  7. Sentinel 
  8. Abomination 
  9. Star Lord 
  10. Cyclops 
  11. WolfsBane 
  12. Shocker 

Deck 2

This is one of the best decks for players who have very few new cards:

  1. Hawkeye 
  2. Antman 
  3. Quicksilver 
  4. Medusa 
  5. Mister Sinister 
  6. Hulk 
  7. Abomination 
  8. White Tiger 
  9. Iron Man 
  10. Sentinel 
  11. Cyclops
  12. Mister Fantastic 

Deck 3

This deck is intended for new players who have a basic understanding of the game and who carefully consider their decisions before playing their hands. This Deck will make it easier for them to make intelligent decisions in front of their opponents.

  1. Mister Sinister 
  2. Antman 
  3. Hawkeye 
  4. Star Lord 
  5. Iron Man 
  6. Odin 
  7. Hulk 
  8. Abomination 
  9. Onslaught
  10. Jessica Jones 
  11. Spectrum 
  12. Enchantress 

Marvel Snap is a truly intriguing card game that takes careful consideration and smart play before dealing any cards. Each player needs a playable deck of cards that has all the cards that can prevent defeat and advancement losses in order to win. Players must be equipped with the finest sets of cards for each site by having a thorough understanding of the places and their requirements.

What are your thoughts on our guide for the best decks of Marvel Snap? Let us know in the comments below!

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