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HoYoverse announced ‘miYosummer 2022’, to be held in China

An exciting carnival awaits for the game lovers!

The ‘miYosummer 2021‘ was a successful event for HoYoverse (formerly known as miHoYo). The first offline creation festival by the developers saw a massive amount of response from the fans. In a recent announcement via Weibo, HoYoverse announced that ‘miYosummer 2022‘ will be back on the 3rd to 4th of December, 2022. This year too, the event will take place at Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo Hall 3 in China.

miYosummer is coming back for the second year

The event’s first year saw a considerable amount of response from the fans. The event was initially supposed to be held in the Summer of 2021 but was postponed to winter due to the pandemic. But, it did not affect the enthusiasm of the organizers or the fans. The event was a great success, with a lot of participation and a significant number of visitors even during the pandemic.

miYosummer 2022 announcement poster
Image via HoYoverse

The theme of last year’s event was “Midsummer Message, Warm Winter Meets.” With this theme, the publishers tried to convey the blessings through the creation festival. The theme and the motto of this year’s event are not announced yet, but we learned about a few features of this year.

miYosummer 2022 will bring a lot of exciting features and events

Just like last year, one of this year’s highlights is the appearance of all the HoYoverse projects in the exhibition. ‘Genshin Impact,’ ‘Honkai 3′, ‘Honkai Academy 2’, ‘Undecided Event Book,’ and ‘Honkai: Xingqiong Railway‘ will all be available at the exhibition. Special guest yoyo Luming will also be available at the exhibition, giving visitors a different interactive experience.

In addition to exhibition booths, there will also be printed posters, books, cards, and other products of the characters from HoYoverse. Visitors will also get the chance to show their fan art and win rewards. The organizers also have created booths where famous content creators can sell their fan art. The event will also feature a space where cosplayers can dress up as various IP characters, shoot at the booth, and interact with the visitors. There will also be a comic exhibition site, diversified interactive features, rich rewards based on activities, an enjoyable gaming experience, and many more.

miYosummer 2021 exhibition honkai
Image via Twitter

Although it is an offline event, HoYoverse did not forget about the people who won’t be able to visit the event physically. The event will also be streamed live, where online viewers can discuss the games, appreciate fan creations, and share their valuable thoughts about the event.

miYosummer 2022 ‘Creators Town’: A platform for creators and players to interact

Like last year, players can meet and greet their favourite content creators. The famous content creators will take the stage and interact live with their fans. Creators will also see and review the fan arts and provide the fans with rewards. Fans will also get the chance to get the autograph of their favourite content creators at the ‘Creators Town.’

miyosummer 2022 content creator interview
Image via Twitter

Final Thoughts

The ending of the year is undoubtedly going to be epic for the 2D players of HoYoverse. The fest environment will also be epic, with hundreds of booths around there, all filled with our favourite characters and games. Such a diverse event will surely give the community the best chance to interact and communicate with their favourite content creators.

What are your thoughts on the announcement of ‘miYosummer 2022’ by HoYoverse? Let us know in the comments below!

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