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How to play Pokemon Sword and Shield on Android with Skyline Emulator

Time to play the games on Android

Rumors have been spreading around the android emulation community that a few Pokemon games will be made available to emulate on Android with Skyline Emulator. Recently, a Reddit post on r/EmulationonAndroid by u/danilouruk revealed a short gameplay video of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield running on the Skyline Emulator on android.

The short gameplay video showed that Pokemon Sword and Shield run smoothly on Android with Skyline Emulator. The game was seen maintaining a decent fps rate. However, this video only is not a confirmation of the optimization of the games for the emulator.

pokemon sword and shield screenshot
Image via u/danilouruk on r/EmulationonAndroid

No bugs or glitches were also found in the short videos shared by the Redditor.

Steps to play Pokemon Sword and Shield on Android with Skyline Emulator

The Pokemon Sword and Shield is still not available to the public in the Skyline Emulator. The game is still under development for the emulator. Keeping the PC, emulator in mind, we can very well say that the game will need very high optimization for it to be emulated on Android devices.

pokemon sword and shield emulator
Image via Game Freak

Keep your eyes on this page, as we will update the article with all the necessary information once the game is available officially on the Skyline Emulator.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon Sword and Shield coming to Android through Skyline Emulator? Let us know in the comments!

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