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How to play My Time at Sandrock open beta

Experience a unique multiplayer life sim

My Time at Sandrock, the desert-themed life sim and follow-up to My Time at Portia, is getting its first open beta test on January 12 after a successful alpha test. The beta test will be followed by an early access launch of the multiplayer game in March. The game was released Early Access for PC through Steam, and the Epic Games Store in 2022, and is also expected to be released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

My Time at Sandrock includes many unique life sim multiplayer features

In contrast to the single-player mode, the Sandrock multiplayer option enables players to create teams of four and collaborate on achieving a shared objective while exploring the oasis town of Sandrock. To advance the city’s degree of trade and wealth, players may collaborate in the Builder plaza to construct residences, distribute tasks, collect resources, and make products. They can even build objects together using strategy.

The single-player game modes of Portia and Sandrock are carried over into the multiplayer portion of the game, but the action is ramped up as players collaborate toward the common objective of constructing communal residences and trade.

my time at sandrock gameplay
Image via Pathea Games

In addition, players will also enter the Meta area and experience the “semi-fictional, compressed” stories of Sandrock’s history over the past 50 years. They will meet both familiar and new characters, learn more about the town’s history, and even have the opportunity to become the star of the town through a variety of interactions and interplay.

Additionally, the multiplayer mode has non-playable characters with unique tales and chances to customize characters. The game has a robust player interaction system that allows players to collaborate on various fun activities, such as playing minigames, riding horses across the desert, exchanging presents, dating NPCs, and much more.

In addition, cooperation is essential in battle since players may team up to defeat creatures and bosses in the open wasteland or dungeons and then divide treasure to build a common dwelling.

How to participate in My Time at Sandrock open beta

my time at sandrock screenshot
Image via Pathea Games

The My Time at Sandrock open beta is only available for the ones who currently have access to the game through early access. The game went into the early access phase in the Spring of 2022. The beta, which will be accessible to purchasers of the Early Access edition of My Time at Sandrock, will begin on January 12, 10:00 PM ET and January 13, 04:00 CET local time and will continue until January 20. For more information on the game, visit the official website or wishlist the game on Steam.

What are your thoughts on the open beta of My Time at Sandrock? Let us know in the comments below!

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