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How to play and earn money from Axie Infinity

Some basic steps

Axie Infinity is a breeding and fighting game that allows players to earn money by playing in the game. The game consists of monsters called Axies. Players need to control these monsters and win battles. As winning rewards they are given Ethereum.

Axie Infinity has been developed by the tech-focused game studio, SkyMavis, a studio based out of Vietnam. The game’s universe has been developed by taking inspiration from the Pokemon games. In the game players need to breed, race, battle, and trade Axie creatures in the marketplace. The developers started the game with the intent of making people aware of blockchain technology in a fun way. The distinction between Axie Infinity and regular games is that the former has a blockchain-based economy system. This feature allows the game to reward its players for improving the game’s ecosystem.

Axie Infinity, Axie Infinity Origin, Axie Infinity Origin update, Axie Infinity wallpaper
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How to play Axie Infinity

The game is available on the official website of Axie Infinity. However, since the game involves the usage of cryptocurrency downloading the game right away won’t work. You need to download a digital wallet like Metamask and fill it up with some Ethereum (ETH). ETH can be bought by using sites/apps like Coinbase and Binance or any other local crypto exchanges depending on their availability in your country.

The next part is downloading the Ronin wallet and depositing ETH in it by using the Ronin Bridge. After completing the aforementioned steps buy at least 3 Axies and you are good to go.However, in Axie Infinity Origin, the players get the 3 starters for free.

Players take part in PvP battles, they can also breed Axies and sell them in the marketplace. The game allows players to level up their Axies with the rewards gained from winning. The game’s aesthetics are very similar to the Pokemon universe and the gameplay bears resemblance to that of Final Fantasy Tactics and Idle Heroes. The game has two modes- an Adventure mode with P2E battles and a PvP mode. The games ecosystem works by running two native tokens Axie Infinity Shard (AXS) and Small Love Potion (SLP).

Axie infinity, Axie infinity starters, how to earn money fromAxie infinity
Image via SkyMavis

In the game, players have cards through which they can determine the actions of a particular Axie. Each Axie has four cards which are randomized every time a battle takes place. Different players can form a team with their Axies and fight against another team. If a player loses a fight MMR (matchmaking rating) points are deducted. In the same way when a fight is won the player gains MMR (matchmaking rating) points. The MMR and SLP are directly proportional to each other i.e. more the MMR more are the SLP gained.

Under 800No SLP
800 – 9991 SLP per win
1000 – 10993 SLP per win
1100 – 12997 SLP per win
1300 – 14998 SLP per win
1500 – 17999 SLP per win
1800 – 199910 SLP per win
2000 – 219911 SLP per win
2200 +12 SLP per win

How to earn money by playing Axie Infinity

Playing the game

The most common and convenient way of earning in Axie Infinity is by playing the game. SLP is gained by winning fights against other players. The current price of Smooth Love Potion is $0.017049 (at the tie of writing the article) per SLP token. Another token, the AXS is also rewarded to the players which can be used for breeding Axies.


There are players in the game who own a large number of Axies. Players who have 20 Axies cannot use them all at the same time so they lend them away to other players who can use them. The owners are called Managers and the people who are lent the Axies are called Scholars. Mostly, Managers are those players who bought many Axies during the early days of the NFT game when the Axies were cheaper. When a game is won featuring a particular Axie the profits are split between the Managers and Scholars. 

Collecting Axies

Collecting rare Axies is another way of earning money through the game. There are many Axies inside the game that are rarely available. Their rarity increases their demand which in turn increases their price in the marketplace. So look out for rare Axies while playing the game.

Axie Infinity, Axie Infinity update, Axie Infinity origin update patch note
Image via Skymavis

Axie Infinity is a game which has been built by keeping in mind the characteristics of the ever-growing Metaverse. Thus the game not only allows players to earn money by playing but it also allows them to own parts of in-game territory through AXS which are governance tokens. The game is playing a significant role in shaping the Metaverse by educating people about it while keeping the fun and adventure of playing games intact.

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