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How to play and earn from Sunflower Land

Here's everything you need to know about Sunflower Land!!

Sunflower Land is a play-and-own crypto game developed by Thought Farm Pty Ltd, a Sydney-based company. Here everything that a player collects is identifiable on the Polygon Blockchain. The team is passionate about building a Metaverse that is shaped and designed by the community. In this article, we have covered everything you need to know about how to play and earn NFT and eventually cryptocurrency and money from Sunflower Land.

What is Sunflower Land

Sunflower Land is a play-and-own crypto-based game. Play and own is a new concept compared to play and earn. The team has created the game in such a way that it reflects real-life economic supply and demand with an in-built mechanism that makes resources scarcer as time progresses.

Sunflower Land, blockchain game,how to play and earn from Sunflower Land
Image via Sunflower Land

Every time when a player harvests, gather or craft is own-able on the Polygon Blockchain. This allows its players to collect valuable and exotic resources, so they can share them with friends or list them on one of the supported trading platforms such as OpenSea.

How is SFL and how to earn

Players will need SFL to craft tools and expand their farms. The quickest steps to earn SFL are:

Sunflower Land, blockchain game,how to play and earn from Sunflower Land
Image via Sunflower Land
  1. Harvest crops when they are ready.
  2. Visit the town and click on the shop.
  3. Sell crops at the shop for SFL.
  4. Buy seeds using your SFL.
  5. Plant seeds and wait.

SFL rewards are based on the total supply of the token. If the supply is less than 100,000 farmers receive $0.02 when they sell a sunflower whereas if the supply is between 100,000 and 500,000 farmers receive $0.01 when they harvest a sunflower.

How to upgrade your farm

Players who want to unlock new fields and seeds, need to collect enough resources and craft a recipe for the Goblin that protects the land. Based on the type of land, players need to collect a mixture of SFL and different crops. The steps are as follows:

  1. Talk to a goblin blocking the fields.
  2. Visit the town and click on the kitchen.
  3. Craft the food that the goblin wants.
  4. Enjoy your new fields and crops.

How to mint NFTs in Sunflower Land

Everything players collect throughout Sunflower Land is identifiable on the Blockchain as either an NFT or Fungible Token. To craft an NFT players must plant, harvest, chop, mine, fish, and collect all the ingredients needed.

NFTs can be crafted by SFL tokens. While the token becomes scarcer NFTs, tools, etc retain the same price. Due to this, items become harder to attain over time and also ensure the demand for the token stays high.

Sunflower Land, blockchain game,how to play and earn from Sunflower Land
Image via Sunflower Land

To mint NFT and other items follow the following steps:

  1. Head either to Blacksmith, Tailor, or Barn.
  2. Select your token, SFL.
  3. Click the ‘craft’ option.
  4. Accept the Metamask transaction that appears.

Once the NFT is minted, it may look something like this.

Sunflower Land, blockchain game,how to play and earn from Sunflower Land
Image via OpenSea

Why do Sunflower Land players need to sync to the blockchain

All of the players’ progress is saved on the Sunflower Land server. Players will need to click on the ‘Sync on chain’ option whenever they wish to move their tokens, NFTs, and resources on the Blockchain. The team recommends its players to regularly sync to the blockchain every 1-3 days to make sure that all of their progress is secured on the blockchain.

To sync to the blockchain follow these steps:

  1. Open up the game menu.
  2. Click on the ‘Sync on the chain’ option.

How to earn money by withdrawing items to a secondary marketplace

All of the tokens, assets, and collectibles earned by players are under the ownership of their farm’s NFT. To transfer your assets or sell them on a secondary market like OpenSea, players need to withdraw the resources to their personal wallets.

Sunflower Land, blockchain game,how to play and earn from Sunflower Land
Image via Sunflower Land

Once successfully withdrawn, players will be able to view these on the OpenSea. The steps to withdraw are as follows:

  1. Visit the bank.
  2. Click the Withdraw tab.
  3. Select which items you want to withdraw (click an item multiple times if you want to withdraw multiple of them).
  4. Click the ‘Withdraw’ option.
  5. Accept the MetaMask Transaction & wait for it to complete.

The more tokens players withdraw, the lower will be the fee. To access the Farm NFT link on the OpenSea, click here. To access the OpenSea link for Resources / Collectibles, click here.

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