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How to play and earn from Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX

Its very easy!

Joycity’s Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX is the Play to Earn version of Heroball Z, the sequel to Game of Dice: Board and Card and Anime, an IP that acquired 50 million players worldwide. The new Cryptoball Z combines both Idle RPG and shooting game elements. The game was officially launched worldwide on May 11. The game is currently available for Android and supports 8 different languages. And now, in this article, we’ll take a deep look at how the in-game economy works at Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX and how the players can play and earn NFT and eventually money from the game.

Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX is set in the future where planet Earth is attacked by unidentified extraterrestrial forces, users will take the form of heroes from heroes association and save the world from the attacking forces. Heroes can be used for exclusive battles through the season system. Players can obtain new heroes by using the ‘Combine’ feature, or by upgrading. If you do not know which hero to pick, check the tier list here.

How to earn by playing Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX

In Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX, HERCO is the utility token that connects the real world with the game, HERCO can be purchased by players using various Cryptocurrencies and can then be exchanged for in-game resources such as HEROSTONE.

Crypto Ball Z on Wemix, Crypto Ball Z on Wemix token, play and earn nft Crypto Ball Z on Wemix
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How to get HEROSTONE

HEROSTONE is the main resource of the game and can be warned easily by playing Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX. Another way to obtain Herostone is by completing missions and achievements, by Season Rank Reward, or also through Drone mining in the game. Herostone can be used by commanders to increase the efficiency of Drone mining.

  • Completing Missions & Achievements: Players can obtain Herostone by completing missions available in the game. The game has several missions and achievements for players to complete which can help them obtain Herostone.
  • Season Rank Reward: Players can obtain Herostone through their season Rank, after every season players will automatically get season rank rewards which will help them obtain Herostone.
  • Drone Mining: Players can earn Herostone by Drone Mining Hersotone in the game. The Drone mining system is an example of Idle RPG elements in the game, once started the Drone will return after some time with Herostone, the Hersotone can then be exchanged for HERCO.

How to unlock all the Commanders in Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX

Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX has an incredibly simple yet very impactful feature called the Commander System. The commander system has beautiful commanders who will give useful and necessary in-game buffs for users. These in-game buffs directly affect the drone mining process by increasing the mining efficiency of the drones, this will result in the drones bringing more Herostone every time. This will eventually affect how a player can play and earn from Crypto Ball Z on WEMIX.

Players can obtain drone crafting materials by clearing stages in the game, they can later use these drone crafting materials to build highly sophisticated drones to mine Herostone.

Crypto Ball Z drones, Crypto Ball Z on Wemix,how to play and earn from Crypto Ball Z on Wemix
Image via JoyCity

The game has a total of 5 commanders with hierarchy rankings, namely Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythical. Commanders with Rare or higher rankings can be mined into NFTs, once these NFTs are done with the process of ‘sealing’ they can then be traded using the WEMIX wallet.

How to exchange the utility token for cryptocurrencies

After exchanging the Hersotone for HERCO, users can exchange the HERCO for WEMIX credit which can be exchanged for WEMIX Tokens which can then be exchanged for various cryptocurrencies. Users can stay updated about all the information by visiting the official website.

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