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How to level up fast in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Level up fast!

All Pokemon games have some level grind to them and Pokemon Scarlet and Violate is no exception. There are a lot of ways you can gain XP in this Nintendo exclusive. But not all of them give you the same amount of XP. Because of the difference in XP, some tasks are to level up faster than others. Tracking and doing the higher XP task will let you go through the higher level area faster and make the gameplay overall, more enjoyable. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to gain XP fast and level up quickly in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

With that being said, there is no single thing you need to focus on to level up faster in this game. We will show you a few different ways that give a considerable amount of XP. So that you can do all of them to gain lots of levels fast in the game.

Tips and Tricks to gain more XP in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

1. Fighting Tera raid battles

Tera Battles are a great way to earn XP. All you have to do is seek out the Tera crystal and interact with them. That will initiate a Tera raid battle that you can do. There are different tiers of battle you can face. But five or six-star Tera raids are the ones that will be the best ones.

Pokemon scarlet and violet gameplay, Pokemon scarlet violet Terastallization
Image via The Pokemon Company

Tera raid battles actually don’t give you XP directly. Instead, you will get a lot of Exp candies from them which makes the battles worth doing. And once you have enough candies, you can level up pretty fast in the game.

2. Hunt powerful pokemon

Battles are an essential part of pokemon games. And each pokemon battle will give you some XP. But if you are fighting higher-level pokemon, it will give you more XP compared to the lower-level ones. Since the game is open-world, it is an easy task to track down higher-level pokemon. So, go to a higher-level area and try to take on pokemon there. Defeating these high-level pokemon will reward you with more Exp and help you level up even faster.

Another thing you can do is battle at mass outbreak points. Mass outbreak points will have many of the same pokemon. And if it is a higher level one, you can gain a lot of exp in a short amount of time battling there.

pokemon scarlet and violet best fairy type
Image via Nintendo

3. Hunt for Chansey and Blissey

Chansey and Blissey are two pokemon that work more like an exp pool. Defeating these two pokemon will give you a lot more XP that the typical pokemon. So if you encounter them, make sure to fight and defeat them for a ton of XP.

4. Use XP boosting food

XP boosting food can be very helpful in leveling up quickly. There are several food items that increase XP gain on a certain type of pokemon. So make sure to eat some XP-boosting food before you head on to battle. That way, you will get more exp than normal and level up faster.

Pokemon scarlet violet xp boosting food
Image via The Pokemon Company

5. Expand the Pokedex

Collecting pokemon and filling up your Pokedex is an essential part of the Pokemon experience. And in Pokemon Scarlet and Violate, you gain XP for expanding your Pokedex. So, make sure to catch every new pokemon you encounter to fill up the Pokedex and gain some amount of exp from it.

6. Battle pokemon trainers

Pokemon battles with trainers can be a good way to earn exp. Among all the ways, trainer battle is one of the best. They give you a lot of exp and other rewards with it. But to defeat a pokemon trainer, you will need some powerful pokemon of your own since they are pretty challenging fights. Thus, use the other methods to level up and once you are strong enough, take on a trainer to gain a lot more exp and level up fast.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet trainer
Image via The Pokemon Company

7. Use auto-battle feature

Auto Battle is a new feature that has been added to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. You can use this feature to deploy a pokemon on the field beside you. Then as you move around, the pokemon will seek out battle and fight them. But you will get less exp from these battles. So it is not really worth doing unless you are trying to level up a very low-level pokemon as you are exploring. So you are better off doing the other exp farm option.

Did this guide help you to level up faster in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? Let us know in the comment below!

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