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Honor of Kings guide: How to upgrade player account level faster

Unlock more arcana slots by leveling up your account

Every player starts with level 1 in Honor of Kings and must grind their way up to the higher levels. Leveling up in Honor of Kings is essential to unlocking different game features like Arcana Archive slots, Heroes, Skins and more. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to upgrading Honor of Kings player levels, but don’t worry; we are here to help with today’s guide on how to upgrade player levels in Honor of Kings faster.

How to level up faster in Honor of Kings

Players can upgrade their player account level in Honor of Kings by following some easy and simple steps. Now, let’s detail how to upgrade player account levels faster in Honor of Kings.

honor of kings beta gameplay
Image via Level Infinite

1. Play more games

Playing matches more and more gives the players more EXP to level up their accounts. Players will get more EXP according to their performance and EXP earned during the battle; logging in to the game daily will reward them with EXP.

2. Complete Daily Mission

Completing daily missions are essential to upgrade the player’s account level. Players will be given daily tasks to complete by playing the game and receive EXP, Arcana Fragments and Golds as rewards for achieving them. Completing the daily missions will also provide players with Daily, Heroic and Royal chests.

hok hero
Image via TiMi Studios

3. Use Double EXP

Using double EXP cards will multiply the EXP earned by playing the game twice for a certain period. This will be helpful for the players to level up their account faster to unlock more Arcana archives for the game.

However, if you are starting new in HOK, make sure to check our Honor of Kings beginners guide or our equipment guide.

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