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Honor of Kings guide: How to unlock all heroes faster

Unlock your desired heroes in the fastest way

Honor of Kings is currently the most played mobile Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game developed by TiMi Studios and published by Level Infinite. To do well in the game, players would need to unlock various heroes and in this article, we’ll discuss how the players can unlock all the heroes faster. If you are still new to this game, you can check our beginner’s guide and equipment guide for Honor of Kings.

Honor of Kings has quite a vibrant cast of heroes who have unique individual skills and playstyles different from each other. Players can select any of the 63 heroes available in the game and take them into battle. However, not all heroes are available from the beginning. Players will have to unlock or purchase these heroes by grinding and putting their efforts into the game; unlocking all heroes might take some time.

hok heroes 2
Image via TiMi Studios

How to unlock heroes in Honor of Kings faster

There are two ways to unlock all the heroes in Honor of Kings: obtaining them from Path to Growth or purchasing them using the gold earned by playing the game or in-game vouchers.

1. Path to Growth

The easiest way to unlock heroes is through the path to growth. The path to growth is a tier system that rewards the players will Permanent Heroes, Arcana Fragments, Permanent Skins, and Golds. Starting from Bronze III, players will have to increase their tier by playing more matches to unlock the rewards on the path to growth.

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Image via TiMi Studios

Unfortunately, players cannot purchase the heroes available in the path to growth reward system from anywhere in the game. So to obtain these heroes, players must increase their tier on the path to growth.

2. Purchasing Heroes

The other way to unlock a hero is by purchasing them through the in-game gold or voucher. Buying all the heroes can take some time for the players since Honor of Kings has 63 heroes to choose from. Players can use the golds achieved by playing games, completing events, tasks, and daily missions to purchase these heroes. All the heroes will cost either 13888 or 18888 gold to unlock.

hok erin
Image via TiMi Studios

Players can also unlock the heroes by buying the Honor of Kings vouchers by spending real-life money. It is essential to select which heroes to buy first according to the player’s preferred play style, as each hero has unique roles and abilities. Not all heroes might be helpful to all the players.

3. Getting free heroes from limited events

Sometimes the game also offers a hero for free for a limited time. And during that time whoever will grab the hero will get it permanently. These do not happen every time but once in a while Honor of Kings offers free hero.

Which heroes would you prefer to unlock first and why? Let us know in the comments below.

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