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Honor of Kings Guide: How to increase and maintain a good credit score

Behave well and participate actively to maintain credit score

During playing any online game, players often face toxic comments from other players or face teammates who abandon the game mid-match. A credit score is Honor of King‘s solution for this problem, and a credit score is given to each player, based on their performance and behaviour during the game. If anyone leaves a game mid-match or misbehaves with the other players, his credit score will be deducted, and the player will face penalties.

For a newbie, maintaining a good credit score is important for smooth ranking up. However, knowing the basics of Honor of Kings will also help in understanding many complicated things like Arcana Archive or Equipment, or even the proper game settings.

How to check credit score in Honor of Kings

Players can check their credit score from their homepage on the top left corner of their screen. Players must first log in to the game and enter the main lobby to check their credit score. They must click on their avatar in the top left corner of the screen and select credit scores to check their credit score and penalties (if any).

hok credit score
Image via TiMi Studios

Reasons for losing credit score and penalties

Every player starts with a total Credit Score of 100 when they play the game for the first time. After that, players will lose a specific credit score for bad behaviour in the game. Going AFK during a multiplayer match will result in a credit score deduction; the punishment will gradually increase if the player goes AFK multiple times.

Getting reported multiple times by other players will result in to decrease in a player’s credit score. If a player doesn’t confirm a match after entering matchmaking, he will be punished with a decrease in his credit score and unable to enter matchmaking for a certain period.

hok heroes 2
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If a player’s credit score is less than 80, he will be banned from playing ranked matches. Players will be banned from Match Mode for a certain period, if their credit score falls below 60. The violation rate of each player is calculated based on the player’s number of violations in the last 100 ranked matches. The game will not calculate the violation rate, if someone has played less than 50 ranked matches. The violation rate will cause the following amount of credit score to be deducted from a player:

  • 4-7% violation rate will deduct 20% additional credit score.
  • 7-10% violation rate will deduct 40% additional credit score.
  • 10-16% violation rate will deduct 60% additional credit score.
  • >16% violation rate will deduct 80% additional credit score.

How to increase and maintain credit score in Honor of Kings

Players can recover their lost credit score by refraining from un-sportsman-like behaviour during the game. Honor of Kings will reward players with one credit score for completing each multiplayer match. A maximum of four scores will be awarded daily.

Players with a credit score below 80 who are banned from participating in ranked matches can play matchmaking or PvE mode to restore their credit scores. However, players with a credit score below 60 who are banned from Match Mode will have to play only PvE mode to regain their lost credit score.

arthur honor of kings, honor of kings wallpaper
Image via TiMi Studios

Maintaining a credit score is essential in Honor of Kings, as players must behave politely and not go AFK while playing a match, as this hampers the gaming experience of the other players in the game. Players can recover a lost credit score by behaving well and participating in the game actively.

What are your thoughts on the credit score system in Honor of Kings? Let us know in the comments below.

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