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Genshin Impact Card Game “Genius Invokation TCG” is a permanent mode coming in Version 3.3

Trading Card game is a new permanent mode!

Genshin Impact version 3.2 is just around the corner. With it being so close, the Genshin Impact Twitter is announcing many new things we will see in the game in the future including Genius Invokation TCG. We know much about version 3.2 from the Leaks and Livestream previously, but now we are getting to know about version 3.3 too.

One of the surprising announcements of the latest version is the new card game being added. It seemed to come out of nowhere for many players, and for all the card game fans, this is great news. So let us break down everything we know about the new Genshin Impact Genius Invokation TCG.

What is the Genshin Impact card game – Genius Invokation TCG

The Genshin Impact card game will be a permanent addition to the game. Like many other card games, you will have to collect cards, and then you can make a deck and try to beat your opponent with it. According to the devs, all the cards can be found in the game for you to collect.

The card game will focus on the PvE experience of the players. You can invite different NPCs to duel with you through this card game. But that doesn’t mean you cannot play against other players. You can invite your friend and play against them too. But there are no rewards for winning against other players.

Genshin Impact Card Game "Genius Invokation TCG" is a Permanent Mode Coming to The Game
Image via HoYoverse

As for the gameplay and intricacies of the game, we do not know the game will function. We will just have to wait and find out how the game plays when it comes out.

Genshin Impact card game release date

Genshin Impact is just starting version 3.2 in a few days. The card game will not bet in this version. According to the insiders, this card game will be added in the Version 3.3 update. If the development goes accordingly, we will get this update on December 7, 2022. This is when the Genius Invokation TCG card game will be available for everyone in the game.

All known cards for Genius Invokation TCG

The Genshin Impact card game is still under development. So we simply do not know how many cards will be there. But we do know some of the cards that will be available to get when the game mode arrives. Here is a list of all the known cards for the mode:

  • Diluc
  • Mona
  • Hydro Mimic Raptor
  • Hydro Mimic Ferret
  • Keqing
  • Kamisato Ayaka
  • Katheryne
  • Liben
  • Mona
  • Oceanid
  • Xingqiu

While we do not know much about the game mode, we cannot but be excited about it. Also, it being a permanent mode can attract a lot more players to return to the game and try it out again.

What do you think about the new card game in Genshin Impact? Are you excited about it? Let us know in the comments below!

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