FIFA World Cup 2022 Fantasy: Top 10 best Midfielders to choose from

A perfect Midfield can easily make or break your team!

The opening of one of the biggest sporting events in history is just around the corner. The players that have been called up to represent their national teams are gearing up on the training ground, whilst managers are taking the final days to touch up on their game plans. Meanwhile, football fans from every corner of the world eagerly wait to see who takes the 2022 World Cup trophy home. The FIFA World Cup 2022 Fantasy deadline is edging closer as well. Whilst this is an opportunity to fill the gap left by FPL, World Cup Fantasy is certainly not easy. So many different countries combine meaning there is a huge pool of players to choose from and it is quite difficult to pick out those that will perform. Not to worry though, in this FIFA World Cup 2022 Fantasy guide, we are going to share some Premium as well as Budget Midfielders for fulfilling the Defensive and Keeping duties in your Fantasy side.

Best Midfielders in FIFA World Cup 2022 Fantasy

1. Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium) – 11.0 million

Image via FIFA

De Bruyne is one of the most owned assets in the game, and it’s for a reason. With 3 goals and 9 assists in 14 Premier League match this season, KDB is definitely on form. He is one of Belgium’s top players and if there’s anyone you would expect to turn up from there, it would be De Bruyne.

2. Leroy Sane (Germany) – 9.0 million

Leroy-Sane BAyern
Image via FIFA

Germany were heavy hitters during the World Cup qualifiers, hitting the back of the net 36 times – only England could better this tally. Sane contributed to 6 of these goals (4 goals and 2 assists), making it clear that he is a key outlet for Germany in the attack. He offers an assured starting spot and has the potential to contribute both goals and assists, so this is an asset worth considering for World Cup Fantasy.

3. Federico Valverde (Uruguay) – 8.5 million

Valverde has been looking in great shape this season, which is helped by his new role on the wing. He has fired 6 goals for Real Madrid already, as well as 2 assists. Although it’s uncertain whether Valverde continues on the wing for his country or whether he reverts back to midfield, either way, Valverde can still return points.

Image via FIFA

In World Cup Fantasy, midfielders will earn points for tackles and key passes, which would suit Valverde if he was a midfielder. 8.5 million is not cheap, but Valverde has the potential to hit the ground running straight away against South Korea, and then also has Ghana to face in Matchday 3 so he is worth the consideration.

4. Jamal Musiala (Germany) – 8.0 million

Image via FIFA

Musiala is on fire with Bayern Munich season, and it’s easy to forget this guy is still just 19 years old. With 8 goals and 4 assists, Musiala has the most goal contributions in the Bundesliga. All the signs are pointing towards a Musiala breakout campaign on the World Cup stage, so he could be a fantastic option for World Cup Fantasy.

5. Steven Bergwijn (Netherlands) – 7.0 million

Steven-Bergwijn FIFA midfielder
Image via FIFA

Tactical information is crucial in Fantasy Football and this is an example of that. Bergwijn is listed as a midfielder in the game, but he actually plays in the space along the frontline, almost as a second striker. This helps him move into more advanced positions, meaning he has a better chance of contributing directly to his goals. Bergwijn has proved this too, having scored 5 and assisted 1 in his last 6 starts.

6. Filip Kostic (Serbia) – 6.0 million

Kostic has the potential to cause havoc as a left midfielder both for club and country. He offers bombing runs, passes into the final third, and set-piece threats, and that’s why he is a decent option to consider for World Cup Fantasy. Midfielders now earn points for key passes, and despite playing as a wing-back for Serbia, Kostic will still be able to find the space to do his things.

Filip-Kostic midfielder FIFA
Image via FIFA

He proved this in the country’s Qualification phase where he emerged with 21 key passes in 8 appearances, in addition to a goal and 2 assists as well. At 6.0 million, it’s a risk that could be worth taking, and he has low ownership too, making him a potential differential as well.

7. Andreas Skov Olsen (Denmark) – 6.0 million

Andreas Skov Olsen FIFA midfield
Image via FIFA

Most people will target familiar players that have a popular names in club football. However, the satisfaction of earning points from someone more unheard of is unmatched. Skov Olsen has the potential to offer exactly that. He is a wide midfielder who looks likely to start for Denmark, and he has proven his ability already. In the World Cup Qualifiers, Skov Olsen made 10 appearances and tallied 5 goals and 8 assists, becoming the highest-scoring player amongst his teammates.

8. Leandro Trossard (Belgium) – 5.5 million

Leandro-Trossard Belgium FIFA
Image via FIFA

It can be difficult to predict which players will be the regular starters for their country. Trossard’s fine form in the Premier League this season could earn him a starting spot. The winger has notched 7 goals and 3 assists in 13 league games, including goals against tough opposition like Manchester City and the memorable hat-trick against Liverpool. Should Roberto Martinez see Trossard as a potential starting attacker, that would make the Brighton man a perfect budget enabler going forward.

9. Rodrigo De Paul (Argentina) – 5.0 million

Normally in Fantasy Football, the more defensive midfielders like Rodri, Fabinho, and Partey often have very little use. Their role in their team offers little going forward apart from the odd contribution, and there is no consistent reward in Fantasy terms. However, the World Cup Fantasy’s altered rules could help these types of midfielders.

Image via FIFA

De Paul is a nailed option for Argentina and is very nicely priced too. Now that midfielders can get points for tackles and key passes, De Paul could chip in nicely if the points system works in his favor. The 28-year-old managed to score once and even assisted 3 during the Qualifiers campaign, so he could add direct contributions to his points total as well. Having a midfielder like De Paul releases funds for the big guns as well, so this is a choice definitely worth considering.

10. Wahbi Khazri (Tunisia) – 4.5 million

Looking for a final midfielder to complete the budget, who can still offer some hope of a return? Wahbi Khazri could be the guy, The Tunisian forward is priced at a measly 4.5 million and is certainly not someone you would want to start ahead of the deadline. However, he releases funds to bolster the rest of the team, and he is an attacking player too.

Image via FIFA

He has scored 22 goals in 51 games with Tunisia in his career and is considered one of the side’s best penalties takers too. If he can get consistent minutes, there is the chance he comes in clutch at some point, and there would be little more satisfying than being at the other end of those points.

That’s it for the FIFA World Cup 2022 Fantasy Best Midfielders Guide. Did you find our list of Best Midfielders of the FIFA World Cup 2022 useful? Let us know in the comments.

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