FC Barcelona sells its first ever NFT of Historic Johan Cryuff goal celebration for $693,000

A good deal? Maybe.

The FC Barcelona Club’s first-ever NFT artwork sale for Johan Cryuff goal celebration took place at Sotheby’s in New York on Friday, where it was sold for $693,000. The auction ended at $550,000 but the auctioneer’s fees increased the final sale price to $693,000. It was a 40 second animation of Johan Cruyff’s iconic goal against Atletico Madrid in 1973.

Benefits of the FC Barcelona Johan Cryuff NFT

Purchasing this NFT comes with special benefit for the owner such as being able to enjoy the position of digital ambassador. The owner will also get to participate in activities exclusive to him.

The activities will include access to training sessions, utilities such as meet and greet, visit to La Masia [Barcelona’s academy], hospitality rights for a minimum of 5 years and the right to play at Spotify camp Nou and an official handover of the ball before a friendly match.

The 40 second animation is also backed with an original soundtrack played by a 30 piece orchestra and real sound from camp Nou stadium and supporters. “The NFT will be forever linked to my father’s legacy,” these words were said by Johan Cryuff’s son Jordi who also played for Barca and works as a sporting advisor ar the club.

Barcelona is one of the first clubs in the top tier of European football besides the likes of Liverpool, AC Milan and Manchester City. This is surely a unique move on the part of the club and might just be a revolutionary idea in the financial structure of top-tier football. The results of the initiative though will be visible in the coming days.

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