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Elemental Raiders is a turn-based hero battler, now available as an open beta

combines features from CCGs, multiplayer online battle arena and turn-based RPGs

An open beta test for Elemental Raiders has been announced by Games for a living (G4AL), the games company. This is a play and earn game that attracts many players to engage in its strategy action genre, based on blockchain technology. Individual characters, items and skills can also be hatched via NFTs throughout the game’s progress.

What is Elemental Raiders

Elemental Raiders is a P2E turn-based hero battling game based on blockchain technology. Players will be able to earn rewards with this play and earn based game. Players will be able to choose between three difference kinds of heroes when the game starts – Fire, Water and Nature type.

Each hero is going to have different skill sets and different powers based on their elements. There will be a lot of skills to master in the game, more than 100 to begin with.

Elemental Raiders offers both PvP and PvE modes

Players can play in Arena or Raids based on their interests. Arena is a PvP mode where a player fights a different player and their objective is to defeat their enemy team. By winning or losing this battle mode players can win trophies or even lose them. Trophies defines the rank of players, the more the players win and earn trophies their rank goes up and they receive bigger and better rewards as well as a significantly higher earning.

Whereas in Raid mode which is a PvE type of mode where players battle many enemies which will be coming in waves until they face a Evil Titan boss and try to defeat it. Players can play raid upto 7 times a week and every week there’s a different raid or raid boss.

There are four types of leagues in raids which is Bronze, Silver, Gold and Raiders. At the end of each weak the players containing the highest score or rank will be promoted to the next league.

Rewards contains different items such as new skins, chests, elemental crystals, rune stones and $GGT (Game Gold Token), players can also have a few of these rewards as NFTs and also trade or sell them to earn themselves more NFTs or Money.

Elemental Raiders global release date

For now, the game is in open beta. The official mobile launch is scheduled in January 2023 and the game will also be available on PS5 and Xbox Series X in Q2 2023. For more information regarding Elemental Raiders, please visit the official website.

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