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Downtown Gangstaz guide: Best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners

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Downtown Gangstaz: Online War is a mobile strategy-based game, by Dynamic Next, where all the elements are related to gangsters’ lifestyles. Here is a complete beginner’s guide to Downtown Gangstaz to help the players understand and progress in the game.

In Downtown Gangstaz, players have their own area or hood which they build to be more powerful and productive and extend the area, making it bigger and better. They can also hire thugs to destroy other enemy bases and if you beat the enemy their resources will be theirs. A rival list will also be provided to the players to help them find or attack enemies they need to take on first.

Downtown Gangstaz best beginner’s tips, tricks, and strategies

Train and hire new thugs

Thugs are one of the most important elements of the game. Due to them, you’ll be able to do and finish all your dirty work. Even if you’re going to complete missions, thugs are going to be the first thing that is going to come in handy. Thugs can be recruited through the recruit option or just defeating the enemy bosses to make them work under you.

downtown gangstaz hire thugs
Image via Dynamic Next

There will also be different thugs with the said different abilities which will come in handy on different jobs. Players will also be able to train them at the location of Logan’s Pub and ammo shop to make them stronger by making them equip certain weapons.

Well-trained and equipped thugs really come in handy as they are tougher to defeat and pack a really powerful punch because of the equipment of various weapons which deal a lot of damage. These thugs will also be assigned to protect your good when it’s in danger or under attack from other enemy thugs.

Complete more jobs

Doing certain jobs will make a huge difference in this game, as this game works exactly how a real-life gangster should. Certain jobs such as delivering or dropping stash, taking out occupied stores or Structures by other gangsters, and taking out other gangsters who try to deliver info on you which sometimes causes a lot of problems.

downtown gangstaz jobs
Image via Dynamic Next

Taking out and capturing stores and other buildings that other boss’s thugs are running will also result in more resources and more things under you.

Beating up enemy thugs in their hanging spot when they are in groups will also make you earn much bigger rewards. Completing these jobs will spread your name across the city which is going to send a warning message to other big gangsters or bosses. Players will be able to make their army of thugs bigger and get rich and famous by doing all these jobs, which will eventually spread their name among other gangsters.

Grow and strengthen up your hood

The players need to upgrade certain buildings and keep on building new structures by giving in a lot of resources to keep their name out in the streets and maintain or increase their popularity as a gangster. Upgrading the hood will make it tougher for other thugs or players to attack and even prevent them from winning.

Assigning thugs or workers to the buildings will also help it improve its products and abilities. Upgrading the Logan’s Pub will let the players train more strong mercenaries necessary for survival in the game.

downtown gangstaz upgrade
Image via Dynamic Next

To earn and store more money players should upgrade the Taco shop in their hood. Upgrading the ammo shop will let the players train more strong thugs which can be later used for assigning to a certain building or beating up enemies.

What are your thoughts on the beginner’s guide for Downtown Gangstaz? Let us know in the comments below!

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