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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Early Access, release date and more

Find your favorite Disney character through this game

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life simulation game by Gameloft with Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Wall-E, Moana, Elsa and much more. Villains are also a part of this simulation game. This game was announced on 6th April this year and will be available to the players in a very short amount of time. This article has every information about when it’s releasing, how the players will be able to get and play it’s early access and also much more about the game itself.

disney dreamlight valley gameplay
Image via Gameloft

Disney Dreamlight Valley: pre-order details

If the players access the official website of the game they’ll be able to see the PRE-ORDER NOW option, clicking on it will open a window where every platform from which the game’s early access can be bought or the game can be added to wishlist will be listed. Players can click on any of those options to begin the pre-order or add it to the wishlist redirecting to the websites the players clicked on. Players can also pre-order from the following links:

Disney Dreamlight Valley: game editions and purchase benefits

There’s three founder’s editions in total which the players will be able to purchase for playing the early access, Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Edition.

Standard Edition

disney dreamlight valley standard edition
Image via Gameloft

The standard edition comes with:

  1. 8,000 Moonstones
  2. Wearable Items
  3. 9 Decorative Items
  4. 3 Design Motifs

Deluxe Edition

Disney Dreamlight Valley Deluxe Edition
Image via Gameloft

The deluxe edition comes with:

  1. Early Access to Disney Dreamlight Valley
  2. 14500 Moonstones
  3. All standard edition cosmetic items
  4. Celestial Sea Turtle animal companion and seven wearable items
  5. 10 decoration items
  6. Three design motifs
  7. Deluxe jersey and Mickey Mouse donut headband

Ultimate Edition

Disney Dreamlight Valley Ultimate Edition
Image via Gameloft

The ultimate edition comes with:

  1. Early Access to Disney Dreamlight Valley
  2. 20000 Moonstones
  3. All standard and deluxe edition cosmetic items
  4. Regal Fox animal companion and four wearable items
  5. 15 decoration items
  6. Three design motifs
  7. Ultimate jersey and Mickey Mouse donut headband

Disney Dreamlight Valley: release date

The game will be released on 6th of September and will be available as an early access on steam, Epic Games, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo switch. For playing the early access of the game, players need to purchase one of the founders packs or have to have a Xbox pass.

Only the standard edition of the game will be available if players have the Xbox pass. If the players purchase the founders packs they will be able to play the game as well as get various different and extra benefits and thing’s which they’ll be able to use in the game.

The game can be pre-booked or added to the wishlist in many websites, but it can be accessed if anybody got the Xbox Game pass, players will be able to directly enjoy the game through that. The game will be free to play once it releases completely.

Right now the game is single player, Disney may or may not add multiplayer in the future of the game. For more information about the actual release the players and all those people who are excited for the game will have to wait until further information is released. Till then they’ll be able to enjoy the early access.

What are your thoughts on the new Disney Dreamlight Valley game? Let us know in the comments below!

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