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Dark Steel: Medieval Fighting tier list for choosing the best heroes

Best heroes for beginners to seek revenge over enemies!

Dark steel is a new entry to the action-combat gaming scene developed by Dark Curry. The game being still in the developing phase has made quite a stir with its incredible 3D visuals and realistic physics. The RPG has both PvE and PvP game modes with an additional special event-based game mode. The game progresses with players fighting one-on-one battles against rivals and earning hundreds of unique weapons and armor. The game has different types of special attacks and fights combos with pretty easy controls. In this article, we will rank every hero according to tiers in Dark Steel: Medieval Fighting for the players to choose the best heroes.

Dark Steel: Medieval Fighting hero classes ranked

The game has three hero classes: Knight, Warrior, and Assassin. Every character has specific skills, roles, and fighting styles. The given ranking is meant to help (mostly newer) players get a grasp on roughly what they can expect from each specialization.

We have ranked all the heroes in Dark Steel: Medieval Fighting according to their strengths, abilities, and fighting style. They are judged and ranked according to their stats and skills.

  • 1. Assassin
  • 2. Warrior
  • 3. Knight

Dark Steel: Medieval Fighting meta-discussion

Moving forward, playing the strongest Hero is the main goal in any RPG. Being able to play with your character comfortably is an important factor too. Their success may vary based on skill, experience, roles, and team comps.

1. Assassin

Dark steel,dark steel game guide,dark steel game
Image via Dark Curry

With the most DPS in the game, Assassin is the go-to Hero for direct offensive attacks. The character has a great deal of agility, making it decisive for battles of frontal melee attacks. The Hero has a special ability to fight, wielding two swords at a time. Lacking a bit in hp, it would need concrete support by its sides during battles. With its sharp movements and strong melee attacks, the character would be perfect for beginners.

2. Warrior

Dark steel,dark steel game guide,dark steel game
Image via Dark Curry

Warrior is the strongest character of the game. Warrior has a special ability to equip heavy weapons. They can be detrimental against characters like Assassins as they lack tangible defence . They have unique skills like “Demoralizing Shouting,” which is shouting that causes the enemy to reduce their damage temporarily. They have a special sequence of attacks that can land heavy damage on enemies.

3. Knight

Dark steel,dark steel game guide,dark steel game
Image via Dark Curry

Knight specializes in defense and resistibility, making it the character with the most Hp. Knight has a special ability to equip shields to block upcoming enemy attacks. They have an advantage over the Warriors because of their high defensive skills. They can stomp the ground to stun the enemy for a few seconds. Moreover, they have a special attack that lands heavy damage on the enemy. Their DPS increases when their health is above 75%.

What are your thoughts on our tier list on Dark Steel: Medieval Fighting? Let us know in the comments below!

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