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Dark Eden M on WEMIX character tier list

Dark Eden M's unique character list!

Published by Korean company Wemade Connect, Dark Eden M on WEMIX is the first mobile horror MMORPG that features the fierce rivalry between the slayers and the vampires. it is a blockchain game where the players can play and earn just by playing the game. But to do that, players will need the best characters to yield more resources. So in this Dark Eden M on WEMIX character tier list, we’ll rank all the available characters from the best to the worst.

The story is based around the never-ending battle between these two forces, the vampires have been searching for a part of Lilith’s soul, the Blood Bible which is sealed in Adam’s holy land for thousands of years now to set them free from the curse of light. On the other hand, the Slayers are establishing an organization called the EVE against vampires. This leads to the battle between the slayers and the vampires in Dark Eden on WEMIX.

Dark Eden M character tier list: Ranked from the best to the worst

The story of Dark Eden M on Wemix is completely based on the characters, the Vampires who want to get their hands on the blood scripture and regain control of humans, and the Slayers who want to stop the vampires at all costs to save the humans.

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There are 2 types of race and each type has 2 classes. They are as follows:

Slayers (melee)

  • Assault: Extremely powerful fighter who is good at chasing down enemies. His weapon is the sword on which he uses various energy to deliver a deadly strike on his opponents.
  • Titan: Titan is the ultimate fighter blessed by the power of God, he brings his enemies to judgment and also brings blessings to his allies. His weapon is the Mace.

Slayers (ranged)

  • Chaser: Chaser uses her gun to deliver ranged attacks on her enemies, her gun is so powerful that it delivers deadly damage to the enemies. Her weapon is the Gun.
  • Valkyrie: Valkyrie is a fierce ranged attacker who has the ability to bombard her enemies with constant attacks while protecting herself from enemy attacks with chain effects by nanobots.

Vampires (melee)

  • Bloodwalker: Bloodwalker is a fighter that possesses high stamina and immense power, he is capable of inflicting heavy damage to his opponents. His weapon is the deadly Claw.
  • Demonica: Demonica is the vampire with the ability to constantly hunt and raid her opponents, she uses different techniques to ravage the enemies. Her weapon is the Scythe.
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Image via WeMade CONNECT

Vampires (ranged)

  • Darkeye: Darkeye has the ability to attack the enemy relentlessly with various ranges and debuffs. His weapon is the mighty Scepter.
  • Occultist: An occultist is a vampire that possesses the ability to summon bizarre and mysterious creatures that attack enemies with different kinds of the deadly plague. His weapon is the Pendulum.

These are the characters available on the game for players to choose and fight the battle between the slayers and the vampires.

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