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Caterra: RPG Battle Royale guide: Best tips, tricks, and strategies for the beginners

Complete beginners guide to be the best in the game!

Released in 2021, Caterra: RPG Battle Royale is a battle-action RPG game developed by Meowpunk. In this 3d shooter multiplayer game, players can partake in intense battle royale or go hunting down monsters to become the best hunter. The immersive world of Caterra delivers a unique 3D environment having multiple locations different from other BR games with very intuitive gameplay. In addition, with options having both PvP and PvE game modes, gamers will encounter a unique blend never experienced before in typical BRs. The easy-to-learn action game certainly distinguishes it from other battle royale and survival simulator games. In this article, we will discuss all the basic tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners in Caterra: RPG Battle Royale.

Experience the classic Battle Royale genre in a whole new way in Caterra: RPG Battle Royale

Players will dive into and partake in fierce battle royales or hunt down powerful monsters to become the best hunter in the Caterra world. The game contains both PvP battle royale and PvE hunt survival game modes which sets it apart from other typical battle royale games and survival simulators. The game comprises game modes like Battle Royale, Hunt Mode, Zombie Mode, Squad War (3v3)/(2v2), Round Elimination, and game features like seasonal battle passes a rich collection of skins etc.

caterra rpg battle royale,caterra game
Image via Meowpunk

The game starts with a simple PvE match where beginners will hunt down monsters and get an outline of the game, barring any complex tutorial or bots telling annoying instructions. Players will have to play five training battles at the start to unlock quests and multiplayer BRs. Completing the training battles will access gamers to the Clans option. Players will collect cups in every battle won to move up in the games League. Levelling up, they will have to upgrade the skills and abilities of their respective heroes.

Caterra: RPG Battle Royale leagues and rewards

Caterra: RPG Battle Royale consists of 24 leagues, starting with Beginner League 1. Players will gradually level up by collecting cups from battles and quests, eventually climbing up in Local and Global leaderboards. The gradual leagues or tiers are-

  • Beginner 1,2
  • Fighter 1,2,3
  • Warrior 123
  • Predator 1,2,3
  • Berserk 1,2,3
  • Master 1,2,3
  • Grandmaster 1,2,3
  • Champion 1,2,3
  • League of claw

Caterra: RPG Battle Royale game modes

The game contains both PvP and PvE modes, which is a surprise to many for a battle royale game. Players will fight through brutal battles, tackle survival challenges, complete difficult yet enjoyable quests, and hunt down monsters. The game contains five types of PvP and PvE game modes. Namely-

  • Battle Royale
  • Hunt Mode
  • Team Deathmatch (3v3), (2v2)
  • Round Elimination
  • Zombie Mode

Caterra: RPG Battle Royale heroes

The game delivers a variety of unique features that makes you fall in love with the world of battle-hardened cats. It has very distinctive battle royale mechanics. The game provides regular seasonal battle passes. Players can unlock some incredible sets of skins for their heroes. The game has 17 distinct Heroes, with seven more in line waiting to be introduced. Each hero has a specific set of skills and perks. Levelling up a character will result in unlocking new perks and skills. Perks are of two types. i.e., Square perks and Rhomb Perks. Current Heroes in the game are mentioned below.

Hatsing,caterra rpg battle royale,caterra game
Image via Meowpunk
  • Robin
  • Shaman
  • Benji
  • Rocat
  • Hunter
  • Toxic
  • Tom
  • Clark
  • Catano
  • Sam
  • Burny
  • Apex
  • Dr. Meow
  • Kharon
  • Tiger
  • Hatsing
  • Killshot

Best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners in Caterra: RPG Battle Royale

1. Level up your heroes

To do good in an RPG levelling up your heroes is the essential thing to do. Levelling up will result in unlocking new perks and abilities. Also, the game provides various rewards and gifts at each new level.

2. Equip the right perks

Each hero has a specific set of abilities with a variety of perks. Players should choose the heroes they are comfortable with and equip the right set of perks based on their way of fighting and battle strategies. Playing with the right set of perks is the key to winning battles.

2. Focus more on dodging attacks

The game puts more emphasis on movement and flexibility rather than attacking. So dodging attacks is a must in battles and squad matches and should be mastered right from the start.

4. Join the right clans

Being in the right clan significantly impacts players who do well in RPGs.Keeping fruitful conversations with clan members and being on the same page is very important for doing well in Battle Royales. Players should strategize with their clan members and set the right loadout before going on a BRs.

5. Be cheeky during a battle

Don’t just go on making a frontal attack. Using the grasses can be a good hideout as the enemies cannot spot you from there. Try moving more and keeping your health in check.

So these are the tips, tricks, and strategies that will help you, a beginner, go through Caterra: RPG Battle Royale at a swift pace and have a perfect first experience.

What are your thoughts on our beginner’s guide about Caterra: RPG Battle Royale? Comment down below!

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