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Arcana Twilight: Anime Game guide: Best tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners

Tips to start the game smoothly

Arcana Twilight is an Otome simulation game for mobile where you’re the main character and can grow affection between yourself and the other characters in the game. You can also go on several dates with the characters to complete various missions and gain experience. This game is perfect for those who love to read manga or watch Anime, it’s time for those who want to truly experience what the main character feels like, and who is loved by many. In this article, we are going to learn about the basic things beginners can do to improve their gameplay in the game.

Make the right choices from the beginning

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In Arcana: Twilight the choices of dialogues and actions made by the players holds can change the storyline of the game. You will get various options as time goes by and you’ll have to choose them accordingly as your story will be progressed by that procedure. Throughout the game, you will have several interactions with other people and sorcerers. Answering the questions, or taking good decisions will reward you with the affection of the other characters.

Complete the tutorials

There will be a lot of tutorials for the players to complete with various different rewards increasing from time to time as you progress in the game and complete more tutorials. These tutorials are a great source of rewards so as a beginner player you should complete as many tutorials as possible and as soon as possible.

arcana twilight tuorials
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This way you’re going to get many magical items and characters developing items as a reward which is going to help you win battles in the game.

Complete missions to earn rewards

Complete as many missions as possible as a beginner. There are 4 types of missions in the game. Beginner’s missions are exclusive missions for beginners. Finishing these missions will give you a clear overview of the game as a beginner. Daily missions are the missions that will get updated on a daily basis. Completing the daily missions will reward you with various gifts every day.

srcana twilight beginners missions
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Sorcerer Missions are fully related to the sorcerer characters in the game, you’ll be asked to increase the affection level with them by interacting with them more often. Also by summoning them whenever you want. These missions target each and every sorcerer in the game and each sorcerer has their own missions to get done. As you complete their missions you’ll be rewarded with sorcerer cards or gold accordingly.

Event missions are also available in Arcana: Twilight. Completing these missions will reward you with various event-based gifts.

Scout for characters

Players can scout and wish for various character cards in the game. The characters’ rarity level varies and each rarity level has different strengths and abilities than the others. SSR is the rarest card in the game to get and obviously the strongest one. SR cards are also rare but not as rare as the SSR ones, though these cards are really powerful too.

arcana twilight scout characters
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R cards are rare cards but can be collected from here and there by completing missions and getting rewarded with them. N cards are normal cards not so powerful or useful, though they can be used at the beginning of the game when players have really low resources to spend on in-game items. You can check our Arcana Twilight character tier list for more information on the characters.

Call and chat with the characters

Players can make phone calls to characters and speak to them to increase the affection between them. Players will have to answer correctly to do so because wrong answers may often lead to disappointing results. Though this way players can sometimes get hooked with some new missions to complete for the characters and get rewarded for that too. You’ll be able to call all the sorcerers who are present in the game one by one or sometimes it’s going to bring in all the characters at once too in a conference call.

arcana twilight call and chat
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Chatting with the character is very much the same but it’ll not be as detailed as calling the characters, you’ll be able to chat with each character individually and make a good relationship with them. Doing these will make them like you more and they will eventually want to spend more time with you chatting or talking in the game.

Though you are going to need enough keys to talk or chat with them, if you are out of the keys then you’ll not be able to talk or chat with them. Keys can be obtained by completing various missions whether it is daily, sorcerers, or any event missions.

Focus on progressing stages

arcana twilight stages
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Progressing Stages is very much like going through levels of the game which involves a story and battles. Going by the stages will progress the story of the game, players will also have to choose the right words and answers to progress fast in the game. Completing these levels will reward the players with gold, affection, and experience points to level up in the game.

What are your thoughts on your beginner’s guide about Arcana: Twilight? Let us know in the comments below!

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