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Apex Legends Mobile Season 3 update: new legend, battle pass, LTM, map update, and more

The new event features the arrival of Ash

With the launch of Season 3: Champions, EA and Respawn are bringing some significant updates to Apex Legends Mobile. This update adds the incisive instigator legend, Ash, to the mobile game along with a number of other new updates and improvements, limited-timed events, new map updates, the start of a new rank season, and much more. On October 18, The champions event will make its formal debut in North America, introducing a host of exciting new features. The champion event will feature a brand-new ranked split, new events, a new battle pass, and improvements to key systems in addition to the appearance of legend Ash. On October 19 at 0:00 UTC, the new season will begin in earnest.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 3 introduces a new legend Ash

Ash may be well-known to fans, but for those who are unfamiliar with the world of Apex, she is a simulacrum created from the person who was previously Dr. Ashleigh Reid. Ash senses death everywhere she goes. She uses electric snares to capture foes and rips across space to kill more people. She enters the games with special legend perks to demonstrate that she has transcended all of humanity.

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Image via Respawn

In Apex Legends Mobile, Ash has three key abilities including:

  • Passive: Marked For Death – Ash’s map shows the location of recent death boxes and marks surviving attackers.
  • Tactical: Arc Snare – Throw a spinning snare that damages and tethers the first enemy that gets too close.
  • Ultimate: Phase Breach – Tear open a one-way portal to a targeted location.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 3: battle pass

apex legends mobile champions battle pass
Image via Respawn

Amazing cosmetics will be available with the Champions Battle Pass. To demonstrate their inner and outer warrior spirit to their adversaries, players can obtain this battle pass. Perks and awards for ranked are now easily available from the rank page with the advent of ranked season 3. At the conclusion of the ranked season, elite awards for Predator, Masters, and Diamond players—specifically, the Dive Trail, Profile Frame, and Badge—will now be awarded based on Ranking.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 3: map update

apex legends mobile coliseum
Image via Respawn

Now that Coliseum has been introduced, World’s Edge and Kings Canyon will alternate actively for normal and ranked battle royales. Only a zipline or skydiving above the shattered woodland will take the players to the Coliseum. Players can start a duel in the Coliseum by announcing to the entire lobby that they are accepting all challenges. The Coliseum offers higher rewards the more deaths players logged there. Moreover, Thermal Station, Artillery, and Pythas Block 0 will rotate on the maps of TDM and Gun Game.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 3: limited-time modes

With the release of Champions, Apex Legends Mobile is bringing new LTMs with some new spooky additions.

  • Second Shot Blitz: A new limited Battle Royale mode that will be active during the season. While Second Shot Blitz is active, everyone will gain the chance to respawn automatically.
  • Halloween Event: A Spooky October Halloween event is coming to Apex Legends Mobile. Be on the lookout for spooky additions to the Kings Canyon and World’s Edge maps as well as frighteningly cool cosmetic rewards for your favorite legends and weapons. 
  • Faction Missions: Pledge your allegiance to one of the big three factions vying for power in the Apex Games. Completing missions on behalf of these factions will provide seasonal currency for you to redeem in the seasonal shop.

Constellation, a melee weapon for Fade that can be upgraded for the first time on mobile, will also be a part of the Apex Legends Mobile New Champion Event. By completing specific tasks and earning Signature Merits, players can unlock the base weapon. They can also purchase Signature Tributes on special occasions. Additionally, they can alter the Constellation’s textures, visual effects, and more.

What are your thoughts on the new upcoming season of Apex Legends Mobile? Let us know in the comments below!

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