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Angry Birds Racing guide: best tips, tricks, and strategies for the beginners

Race to the top

Till this time, people used to break towers by slinging angry birds at the infamous pigs. But now, with Angry Birds Racing, we will get the chance to race with our favourite angry birds. Angry Birds Racing is a 2D arcade racing game that features almost every angry bird from the previous games. In these multiplayer racing games, players can race against other players from different parts of the world. It might be a bit challenging to win races for players who just started the game. In this article, we will provide you with a beginner’s guide for Angry Birds Racing along with the best tips, tricks, and strategies.

In the lobby, you can observe you have a specific amount of energy. With the use of the energy, you will be making it into the race. It only requires one energy bar for starting each race. Then you will be matched with the other 15 players who are playing worldwide. Select your favourite bird. The map will be selected automatically. After the 3 seconds countdown, launch your bird and finish the race.

Angry Birds Racing basics

It is important to know the basic controls of the game. As because it will help you to win the race. If you don’t know the controls, you will face difficulties to win the race. Here are some of the basic controls explained.


angry birds racing jump
Image via Rovio Entertainment

After launching the bird, you can tap anywhere on the screen other than the turbo button to jump. Taping the screen makes your bird jump.


angry birds racing flip
Image via Rovio Entertainment

If you are jumping from a cliff, you can hold the screen to do a flip. Flip is important in the game as you can boost the speed of your bird which makes it efficient to win the race. Make sure to land the bird correctly or else it will lose its speed.


angry birds racing turbo
Image via Rovio Entertainment

On the racing track, you will find many turbo signs. If you gain it, you can use the turbo button to give a boost to your bird. It will help you to overtake other birds in the race.

Select the best bird available

angry birds racing birds collection
Image via Rovio Entertainment

From the lobby, you can go to the bird’s section to view the birds you own. You can also check other birds’ details like the speed, flips, flight and turbo. You can also check the skills of the birds. You can also judge the birds by their star ratings. More the star ratings, the better the bird is.

Best tips, tricks, and strategies for Angry Birds Racing

1, Launching the bird correctly

Launching the bird correctly is the most important thing to do for getting a good start. If you launch your bird too high, it gets easier for the other players to overtake you. In order to get the perfect pace above others, you must find out the perfect height to launch your bird.

2. Do flips to get the speed boost

Doing flips will help you a lot to win the races. Flips provide a speed boost to the birds, which makes it easier for them to get ahead of other players. Doing flip combos will give more speed boost which might give you a lot of advantages in the race.

3. Land correctly after flips

Flipping is important. But over flipping might be bad for the players cause it may sometimes cause a wrong landing. Landing correctly after a flip is very much important. A bad landing will greatly slow down your bird in the middle of the race. So after performing a flip, make sure you have enough time and space to land your bird correctly.

4. Collect the turbo

Apart from flips, turbos can also provide you with the speed boosts. Turbos will be spread along the race track. Collect as much turbo as you can to get more speed boost and overtake other players easily.

5. Select the best bird possible

It is recommended to select birds which has a decent stat in all sections. The bird should be skilled and make sure that you are able to use the skills perfectly.

6. Upgrade the birds as much as you can

After completing the races, you will be gaining coins after each race.  With the help of the coins, you can upgrade your birds to the highest level. It is recommended to upgrade the birds as their abilities will be increased.

7. Collect feathers and unlock new birds

After the race, you will be gaining the feathers. With the use of the feathers, you can unlock new birds which have much-improved stats with the best skill sets.

What are your thoughts on our beginner’s guide for Angry Birds Racing? Let us know in the comments!

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