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A new Sonic multiplayer game based on Unreal Engine is reportedly under development by SEGA

Sonic fans, prepare! A new Sonic game might be on the way!

Sonic is a name that is bound to be familiar to anyone who has dabbled in video games due to the longevity and overall popularity of the iconic Japanese video game franchise. Everyone’s favourite blue hedgehog Sonic is looking like he could make a comeback via a brand new multiplayer Sonic game as per the recent job listing by SEGA.

SEGA’s job listing for a new game programmer hints at a new Sonic game

SEGA, the company behind the creation of Sonic and the media owners of the popular and loved video game character has recently posted a new job listing on their official handle on the site Hrmos, a Japanese platform where companies post listings to hire employees.

The job listing by SEGA states that the employee in question will be responsible for using Unity, Unreal or in-house engines to develop video game titles for the company. It also requires the person to be able to implement game effects expression utilizing physical behavior.

Image via Sega

Besides the aforementioned requirements, there are also other specifics that SEGA has put out for anyone who would want to join their team of developers. The applicant should have prior experience working on high-end games for PC, Xbox, PS4, and Nintendo and be well-versed in game programming in C++.

And the requirement which seals the game under wraps being a multiplayer one is the requirement of network game production experience which is applicable in games having online battles and player vs player modes in them.

Details about the new Sonic game are still unknown

All the relevant requirements in the job listing by SEGA for a new game developer on their team indicate the development of a brand new game that will be multiplayer as evidenced by the criteria stated. The magnitude of the listing and the applicant qualifications asked for by SEGA are indicative of development for their most popular video game franchise, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic, Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic new game, sonic upcoming game
Image via SEGA

If so, it will probably be a game that will focus on racing action in the game or pit the game characters against other characters controlled by other players in the game to make for a PvP fighting game.

Final thoughts

If the development of the game based on the popular franchise of Sonic does indeed go through, it will be a huge move for SEGA if everything goes correctly. Sonic is a very marketable name and the success of the game will be unavoidable, at least commercially, if the game promises to be anywhere near decent due to the huge fan following it has. Therefore, what remains to be seen is how SEGA execute their plan and how well it is received by the general public.

Are you a fan of Sonic? If so, would you be excited about a possible new game of Sonic? Let us know in the comments below!

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